Being a mum on maternity leave means weekends are pretty meaningless.

It’s not like I’ve left the office for two days. I’m still in what is my office – which is generally the floor of the lounge trying to break up a row about snatching toys

I wake up on Saturday morning at 6am if I’m very lucky. I need a few minutes to get into upbeat Mummy mode, so I get Paw Patrol on the TV and sit like a zombie on the sofa.

Then it’s on with the day and our activities pretty much always centre around what the kids would like to do. That might be a walk somewhere nice or visiting a favourite park.

Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy spending time with our kids but it’s not the same as lying in bed all morning watching box sets before heading to the pub for a few drinks and lunch.

Also everyone knows that child-friendly places are at their most horrendous at weekends. Soft play is an absolute no-no and the playground is touch and go.

Despite this I still get that Friday feeling every week. Why do I still get demob happy on a Friday? I’m not clocking out of work for the weekend, Saturday will go pretty much the same as Friday in terms of stress levels, tantrums and sibling falling outs.

And yet I’ve got that Friday buzz today, that feeling of excitement.


Got my party hat on courtesy of my toddler’s excellent craft skills

Here are some of the reasons why I still think TGIF:

Everyone else is so excited
With Fri-yay trending on Twitter and everyone stocking up for weekend barbecues and parties, people just seem happier. That kind of joy at the thought of daytime drinking and, hopefully, sunny weather is infectious.

My husband is with us
It’s nice when all four of us can go out and do something together. It means I will not be outnumbered, and when it comes to kids there is definitely safety in numbers. Obviously quality time together is lovely too.

It’s more socially acceptable to have a large glass of wine or two
It’s Friday so booze had to come into it at some point. You don’t need an excuse to have a cheeky drink on a Friday. It’s Friday and we’re British. If you’re not drinking, or at least toasting with a non-alcoholic cocktail, then you get deported.

I let the chores go
Sod it, that pile of washing can wait until Monday and I’m not touching the vacuum cleaner. My inner Monica will have to just calm down, it’s the weekend after all!

All the food
We eat nicer food at the weekends for some reason. I have no idea why we treat ourselves more at this end of the week, but Fridays tend to be a takeaway night or a night when we cook something a bit more exciting. Also there is the prospect of a Sunday roast to look forward to. Yum!

Do you still get that Friday feeling even when you’ve been home with the kids all week? Let me know what makes your weekends amazing.