This is is a collaborative post.

When it comes to keeping your memories safe, where do you keep them?

Are they scattered around the house? Are they in a box in the loft?

As the years go on and the memories, trinkets and pictures stack up, it can become harder and harder to keep them safe – and all in one place.

We’ve made a whole lot of memories over the last three years!

Our family has grown from just us two to four, we’ve been on holidays, days out and taken a lot of silly pictures.

I’ve been invited to share some of our family memories as part of Bed Guru’s #StoreYourMemories campaign.

Bed Guru believe in the good times and keeping those precious family memories safe. Finding the right way to store memories can be tricky, but having an ottoman bed is the perfect way to keep your family memories somewhere safe.

Not only do you have lots of space to keep all your most important items in, but you also have them close by, within reach, whenever you want a trip down memory lane.

Plus Bed Guru beds last a long time, and your memories will last even longer!

My mum and dad kept some beautiful things from my childhood, including baby teeth – which some people might think is a bit weird but actually I find them fascinating to look at – a lock of hair and, of course, a lot of photographs.

They very diligently kept our family pictures in albums ordered by year, which are so nice to look back over now all these years later.

So since my parents have been so good at keeping our family memories together, I thought I would share a few of the things we are storing from these early years with our children.

The precious memories I am storing


You can never have too many and with the advent of digital cameras and smartphones it’s easy to build up a huge bank of photographs.

I try to be really disciplined and create and print at least one album a year.

Favourite toys

We don’t keep every single toy my kids were ever given, we would have no space otherwise, but we keep the sentimental items and the once that my children loved to play with.

This includes a teddy bought from the hospital where my kids were born.

Hospital identity cuffs

I want to keep these safe because I think it’s such a precious memory of how tiny they once were.

Baby book

I’ve tried my best to record all of my two children’s firsts in their baby books. These will be a lovely item for them to look through themselves when they are older, or even at their own baby showers in years to come.


The brilliant thing about having plenty of space to keep your precious memories safe is that it encourages you to save even more!

What memories are you saving from your little one’s childhood? How are you keeping them safe?