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Vicky Smith - blogger at The Mummy Bubble

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I’m Vicky, a mother of two girls. I help mamas who are feeling overwhelmed with tips and hacks to get through the hard days, and by showing them they are not alone.

We all have tough days. You know the ones I mean! It might be because you are operating on little to no sleep, or it might be because your kids are going through one of those “delightful” phases such as teething, developmental leaps or sickness. Whatever it is, I’ve got you covered.

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The Mummy Bubble is a place where you can come and discover helpful ideas to get you through the day. But sometimes even the brightest of bright ideas can’t stop your baby from crying all day, so that’s why The Mummy Bubble offers you, tired mama, a virtual shoulder to cry on, a virtual glass of wine and stories to show you that you are definitely not alone.

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So now you know a little more about the website, let’s take you on a quick tour to help you navigate and find what you need!


Congratulations! If you’re looking for helpful information about you and your baby, you’ve come to the right place. Start off with this post here, all about what to do when you’ve found out you’re pregnant.

Another amazing post for staying organised as you prepare for baby is this trimester-by-trimester to-do list packed with tips for what to do at every stage of pregnancy.

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What to expect in the first trimester

What to expect in the second trimester

What to expect in the third trimester

Coping with 24/7 pregnancy nausea

Coping with a heatwave during pregnancy

What to buy for your baby

Life with a baby

Caring for a baby is both the most rewarding and the most exhausting thing I have ever done! That’s why I’ve created lots of posts offering the very best advice I’ve come across in my four years as a mum. Here’s a list of posts that you may find useful:

Helpful posts

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Inspiring posts

I see you

11 things your newborn baby wants you to know

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What do I do with my baby all day?

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Life with a toddler

Just when the sleepless nights have (almost) come to an end, you realise you have a toddler on your hands! From tantrums, to dropping naps, we’ve got lots of handy posts to help you tackle those tough days:

When do toddlers drop their nap

50 things to do with a toddler

The secret to keeping your toddler in bed

Tips for settling your toddler in to childcare

Taking a toddler to a wedding

Amazing toddler products

Toddler girl bedroom ideas

Two under two

There is a 21-month age gap between my two girls so I totally understand why life with two little ones feels so hard. I’ve shared lots of tips that helped me cope with two under two in these posts:

What to expect in the first month with baby number two

Managing the transition from one to two kids

Tips for entertaining a toddler while feeding a baby

10 easy ways to entertain a toddler and a baby

25 tips for coping with two under two in the first year

What I learned from having two under two


Do you fancy starting your own blog but are unsure whether it’s for you? If you’re looking for blogging tips, try these posts.

How to use Pinterest to grow your blog

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I hope this list gives you a good flavour of what you’ll find at The Mummy Bubble.

Before I let you get back to those demanding kids of yours, here’s a freebie to help you out! It’s a Baby Planner, featuring a baby log, routines from ages 4 weeks to 6 months and much more! Get your hands on it here.