Spooky Halloween costumes for children


Halloween costume ideas
Halloween is a great excuse to have some fun with fancy dress

Halloween is a chance to make your adorable little ones look even cuter with fancy dress.

Even though it’s supposed to be a scary time of year, there’s something about a baby in a skeleton onesie that’s anything but spooky.

Even if you’re not going trick or treating with your little ones, many baby and toddler groups or local play centres hold themed events to mark the occasion.

There are already some seriously spooky outfits on the high street.

I know from past experience that buying the costume the week before is a bad idea, as you can guarantee the size you need will be out of stock.

Your child might want to be a monster, a bat, a pirate, a witch or a unicorn. Whatever their favourite is, let their imagination run wild this Halloween, there are loads of costumes to choose from!

So here are some ideas from my favourite shops to give you a head start. Head on over to my Pinterest profile for more Halloween costume inspiration and playtime ideas to make this the creepiest fright night ever.


Halloween costume: pirate girl
Pirate Halloween outfit
Cat Halloween costume in black with tutu
Cat Halloween costume with tutu
Halloween superhero girl costume
Superhero costume
Iron Man Halloween costume
Iron Man Halloween costume
Marks & Spencer Spider-Man Halloween costume
Spider-Man Halloween costume

Tu at Sainsbury’s

Spider costume from Tu clothing at Sainsbury's
Spider costume
Halloween pumpkin onesie for babies
Pumpkin onesie for babies
Halloween pumpkin costume with matching tights
Pumpkin dress with matching tights


My first Halloween vest from mothercare
My first Halloween vest, perfect for babies
Witch outfit for Halloween with purple striped leggings
Witch costume
Peppa pig Halloween top featuring George Pig - glow in the dark
George Pig Halloween top – glows in the dark for extra spooky fun
Skeleton baby onesie costume for Halloween
Skeleton baby onesie
I love my mummy baby Halloween costume
Mummy baby onesie
Pumpkin Halloween costume for babies
Pumpkin baby onesie


Unicorn onesie baby Halloween costume
Unicorn baby onesie
Unicorn costume for Halloween
Unicorn costume with tutu and pretty wings
Pirate costume for Halloween
Pirate outfit
Halloween baby onesie in black
Halloween baby onesie
Spider Halloween costume in black
Spider Halloween costume
Halloween tights
Pack of two Halloween tights

George at Asda

Batman baby onesie Halloween costume
DC Comics Batman baby onesie
Baby vampire onesie Halloween costume
Vampire baby onesie
Halloween baby costume Frankenstein monster
Frakenstein monster baby onesie


As with all things involving children, do remember to be safe.

There have been warnings about the safety of Halloween costumes in recent years so try to double check you’re making the safest purchase for your child. Here’s a post on Halloween costume safety with lots of helpful advice on picking out an outfit.

If you are planning to carve pumpkins and decorate the house, try switching real candles for LED candles. No one can tell the difference if you buy flickering ones and they’re tucked inside a lantern or pumpkin.

Have a fabulous Halloween!



Halloween costumes for babies and toddlers

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