Decluttering our house is one of my key goals for the year.

I’m sick of being surrounded by mountains of stuff, having drawers so full they won’t close and being unable to find the one item of clothing I want amidst the chaos of my wardrobe.

Now that my life doesn’t revolve around naps and constant milk feeds I’m turning my attention to getting the house sorted.

But of course I’m still pretty busy, with a full-time job to do and two kids to look after the rest of the time.

While I’m hoping to get the odd full morning or afternoon here and there to have a huge clear-out, realistically things need to be done in stages.

So here are the methods I will be deploying to make sure I can be productive in shorter bursts of time!


Be decisive

It can be easy to procrastinate for days and weeks over whether to get rid of an item or not.

Make a firm choice and stick to it. If you haven’t worn or used the item for the last six months, it’s time to get rid of it.

If you’re still struggling to decide if you may or may not need it, set a deadline for a few weeks’ time and if you haven’t used it, it’s time to bin it.


Have a charity shop box

Have a box or a bag on the go at all times. As you find things to get rid of, pop them in the box.

Once it’s full, take it to the charity shop.


Get the right storage

Part of decluttering and organising is having the right places to keep the stuff you want to keep.

I’m guilty of having endless boxes on the go, but having them filled with useless things I don’t use anymore! It’s not about having loads of storage, it’s about having the right kind of storage.

I also love my storage to look good, which is why I’m pleased with this weaved felt storage basket in light grey from Room to Grow.

I’m using it as a handy place to keep my work goodies. I work from home but don’t have a designated spot in the house to work from. With this I can carry the bits I need to work with wherever I need them, plus it looks neat too.


Do a drawer a day

Instead of doing every single drawer in the house, do them one at a time. When you have a spare 10 minutes, commit to doing just one drawer.

Tip everything out and bin old receipts, manuals you don’t need or use anymore, tools you don’t use or anything that’s broken.


Cast an eye over your laundry pile

When doing the laundry, think about whether you need to keep every item of clothing. Have your kids grown out of it? Do you actually like wearing it? Do you have any duplicates?


Stop organising and start binning

It’s easy to mistake organising for decluttering. The reality is you’re often just moving a pile of stuff from one place to another, but you’re not cutting back on the junk.

Don’t just fold up clothes you “might” wear one day and don’t just move the pile of old paperwork into another folder. Put it in the charity shop box and bin the papers you don’t need.


Cook and clean

When you’re rooting round in the fridge for ingredients for dinner, have a look at the dates on jars and check for veg that’s past it’s best. Spend five minutes binning anything you can before getting on with dinner.


If you see something you don’t need, ditch it

Don’t put off getting rid of stuff. If you see something you don’t need, just get rid of it.


Ditch the beauty products you don’t use

Next time you do your make-up, cast your eye over the items you never use or the really old ones and get rid of them.

Do the same in the shower too!


Useless kitchen gadgets need to go

I’m guilty of hoarding loads of kitchen gadgets I was either given or bought because I thought they would be an amazing idea.

The reality is if you haven’t used something in years, you need to just get it out of your house.

Also look for duplicate kitchen utensils. You don’t need four spatulas!


Make it a game

Kids can make it tricky to get anything productive done.

But if you make something fun, they will get on board and maybe even help you out. Ask them to help you out with sorting out their clothes and toys.

Put the baby toys that they no longer play with in a pile to go to the charity shop. It may take longer doing it this way, but at least you will achieve something.


I’m hoping these tips will help me get my house decluttered by the summer. I’ll be sharing more about my cleaning mission as I go! 

What’s your top decluttering tip?



Quick and easy decluttering tips to save you time when cleaning your home