Restaurant review: Miller & Carter

Miller & Carter, The Oracle, Reading, Berkshire

When it comes to food I’m a loyal slave to my favourite things.

Yes I like to try out new delicacies from time to time but if my favourite is on the menu then I have to go for it.

Since having kids that decision-making philosophy has become even more rigid. I rarely get a chance to go out, so when I do it’s got to be good!

This devotion to dinner is at its most true when it comes to steak.

I can’t get enough of steak. If you totted up the number I’ve eaten over the years then I’m sure it would amount to a whole lot of cows. Possibly an entire farm of Aberdeen Anguses?

I’ve had some bland, chewy and downright disappointing steaks in my time. It’s a sad state of affairs when your favourite dinner is a letdown.

But there is a restaurant that never fails to deliver the very best, most mouth-watering steak.

It’s so good and so reliable that I revisit it time and time again, when I get a bit of time off from the kids.

Miller & Carter has dished up some of the very best steaks I’ve ever eaten. And what’s great about it is, over the several years I’ve been going it always maintains the quality.

I don’t stick to one particular cut of steak all of the time, although I’m partial to a sirloin. The ribeye is also excellent. All the steaks come with a lettuce wedge, onion loaf, tomato, choice of potato (fries, obvs) and a steak sauce.

When it comes to the sauce I tend to go for Bearnaise which is rich and heavenly. However the beef dripping and black peppercorn are also amazing.

The lettuce wedges come with a choice of topping, I usually go for bacon and honey mustard. It’s such a nice accompaniment to the steak. The lettuce is crisp and refreshing and just adds another dimension to the meal.

The onion loaf is such a treat and just the right amount of greasy so that it is delicious without being too stodgy.

Then there’s the steaks. I have mine rare. They’re always cooked just the way I like it and the meat is so tender and full of flavour.

We normally have red wine, as it would be rude not to with steak. They have a lovely couple of Malbecs on the wine list which are absolutely perfect to sip on as you enjoy bite after meaty bite of succulent steak. They’re bold and rich, so lovely to sip on slowly as you enjoy a bit of “me” time.

If I have space my favourite pudding is the Creme brûlée, which is served with raspberries. It’s such a creamy, sweet way to finish off a lovely meal out.

We’ve taken my daughters there a few times and the staff are always extremely accommodating for children. There are high chairs and a kids menu. My little girl loved the chicken and chips and the brownie with ice cream last time we were there.

While the food is consistently brilliant, the staff are also fantastic. They’re attentive, polite and manage to keep on top of orders no matter how busy the restaurant gets.

Even the restaurant decor is relaxing when you’re getting away for a night out. The dark wood tables, deep red paintings and seats and cosy booths make it the perfect setting for date night. Even when the restaurant is a little quieter, there’s a lovely, chilled out atmosphere to this place.

It’s not cheap, with our meal for two generally costing us around £85 with a bottle of wine and maybe a coffee too. But it’s worth it.

My steak obsession is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon, so I hope Miller & Carter keeps hitting these high standards for many years to come. If they do I need never eat a disappointing steak again!

To book a table visit the Miller and Carter website.


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