Portable North Pole review

This is a collaborative post.

When it comes to Christmas, the build-up is just as exciting as the day itself. 

The countdown to Christmas Day can be made so much more exciting with a message from Santa himself, which you can get thanks to the Portable North Pole (PNP) app. 

My girls have been busy drawing up their gift lists for weeks already. 

It’s lovely that they are now at an age where they get excited about the whole idea of Santa and being surprised on Christmas Day. 

So it’s been incredible to try out the Portable North Pole app, which lets you create personalised messages from Santa and his elves for your kids. 

There’s so much detail you can add to the messages. You have options to add photos, their name, age, and whether they have been naughty or nice!

How does the Portable North Pole app work?

Portable North Pole app review

We were given a Magic Pass to review. This gave us access to Premium Video messages from Santa. 

These are like mini movies featuring Santa speaking to your child from Santa’s Village. 

The video are up to six minutes in length. These feature entertaining storylines where Santa and the Elves discuss your child and what they have asked for Christmas. 

When you create the videos, you are asked a series of questions about your child. This includes their name, their friends’ names, good things they have done, happy days they have had this year, where they live and their top gift choices. 

During the video Santa then uses these details, speaking your child’s name and age, plus looking at pictures of them you have uploaded to your app. 

The videos end with Santa’s verdict on whether you have landed on Santa’s Nice List this year!

With a Magic Pass, which costs £12.99, you can access the videos you create again and again. There’s also a Video Pass option which costs £9.99.

There are various different scenarios to choose from in the app. So you can make a different type of video, with a different storyline, for each of your kids. 

If you want to send a message to a child or family who don’t live in your house, there’s a wonderful option to create Santa Calls!

These are personalised messages that a recipient receives through a landline or mobile phone call! You can choose from a variety of fun scenarios such as congratulations, night before Christmas and birthdays. 

What we thought of the PNP app

Portable North Pole app review

Once I had downloaded the app, I then needed to input our code unlocking the Magic Pass. 

After this, several options for videos and calls popped up on the app. 

Each video has a storyline and is made with amazing production value! The sets truly look like Santa’s home and the Elves’ toy factory. There’s snow, and Santa’s sledge and lots of magic!

I chose different video themes for each of the girls. I had to input their names, ages and a few other bits of information, such as what they have done really well at this year. 

When it came to watching the videos, the girls were so very excited! 

They could not believe that Santa was actually talking to them, and the talked back when Santa addressed them directly through the video. 

Both girls were totally transfixed by the whole thing, and so excited to see Santa knew what they want for Christmas!

Portable North Pole app review

It’s a lovely way to get your kids excited for Christmas and surprise someone special with a personalised message from the man in the red suit!

There will be free message options available later this month, so visit the PNP website to keep an eye on when this will be live!

The Magic Pass costs £12.99 for access to premium videos which you can personalise and then watch with your loved ones again and again. 

For more information check out the PNP website or download the app for yourself!