Baby with a first birthday cake

Cake, banners, balloons, bunting, food, cups, plates, napkins, games, and party bags are just some of the stuff that can appear on your endless list when planning a first birthday party.

It’s funny that we spend so much time and effort on planning an event that our little ones will never remember. Let’s face it, the first birthday party is all for us really. However I think it’s nice to mark the occasion. You survived a whole year as parents! Pat yourselves on the back. I think it’s a lovely way to make family memories too. Even if your baby won’t remember it, he or she will still enjoy looking at the hilarious photos of them covered in cake one day.

My youngest is still a few months off turning one but I’ve started to think about what I will do for a party. I expect it will be a family do, which will include some other kids of varying ages.

For me the fun bit is picking the theme then watching it all come together.

Finding inspiration is easy with the internet and it’s even easier with Pinterest. I’ve only just really discovered Pinterest and I’m hooked. I’ve created a few boards and am loving browsing the beautiful boards more experienced Pinteresters have put together.

I didn’t use it when planning my eldest daughter’s first birthday. I wish I had known how brilliant it is! So I’ve created some boards on my Pinterest profile to help me explore some themes. For me my favourite things to check out are the cake ideas. There are so many beautiful cakes that look like they would delight children. They almost look too good to eat, almost! Click on the theme titles to check out my boards:

Peter Rabbit
The Beatrix Potter illustrations are so beautiful. I love the thought of a whole theme based around them. There are lots of gorgeous patterns on plates, cups and tablecloths to go with this idea.


Plus they come in blues and pinks depending on what colour you go for. I’m not fussed either way! I’ve found some amazing Peter Rabbit cakes on Pinterest, they are just amazing. They make me wish I could do creative stuff with icing but I’m just not patient enough for the fiddly things like that. I like the thought of having a big carrot piñata for the older children to whack. Also you can do finger foods along the theme of Peter Rabbit’s garden, so carrot sticks and cucumber. You could dip strawberries in orange coloured icing to make them look like carrots too.

I’m thinking lots of twinkling lights and big star balloons for this theme. There are so many star decorations out there like these cake pop sticks, plus you add things like little edible silver sugar balls to make it really out of this world!


I also like the thought of getting the planets in there too. Maybe we could get some bouncy balls and cover them with paint to make them look like each of the planets, then the children could chase them all round the solar system (or garden!).


Jungle Animals


My daughter’s bedroom has a jungle animal theme to it so I’m already a big fan. I like the thought of cupcakes with different animal faces on. I also like all the fun you can have making your house look like a jungle! You can get creative with balloons and cut out large bits of cardboard into giant jungle leaves.

Butterflies and Blooms


This is such a pretty, girly idea. It could also have a bit of a fairy theme sprinkled in as well. I found some In The Night Garden cakes for my Pinterest board as they work really well for a garden/floral theme. My daughter isn’t into the programme so I don’t know much about it. I’m sure I’ll be an expert one day! I love the floral garlands you can do or buy to go with this theme too, all so pretty. Giant pom-poms would look really nice hung from the ceiling as well. They could be like the clouds over the garden.


I’m still on maternity leave so need this party to be on a bit of a budget. Luckily my mum is ace at baking cakes. She made my eldest’s Peppa Pig cake earlier this year for her second birthday. I think it’s pretty great!

Peppa Pig toddler birthday cake

I’m not the best with crafts but I’m happy to try making some decorations that are fairly straightforward.

I’m leaning towards a Peter Rabbit theme at the moment as there are so many cute details you can add with this one.

It’s feeling a little lonely on my Pinterest profile at the moment so please follow me when you get a sec! I would love to add a few more followers on there.

Do you have any ideas for baby party themes? I would love some more inspiration!