A dozen red roses help set the scene for romance at home

After you have kids romance isn’t dead, but the flame certainly doesn’t burn as brightly as it used to.

When you’re both tired and tied to the house on what should be the ultimate date night of the year, it’s hard to get enthusiastic about Valentine’s Day.

But there’s plenty you can do to make the occasion special with a cosy night in.

If your kids can be relied on to go to bed by 7.30pm and give you a peaceful evening, that’s great.

If you have a very young baby who is likely to be demanding food for most of the evening, that makes things a little more tricky but not impossible.

Make this night a one-off. Don’t worry about putting the baby down drowsy but awake. Do whatever you need to do to get them calm, even if one of you has to hold them all through dinner while the other cuts up your meal on your behalf.

Find a way to make this work for you. Here are all the elements you need for a fabulous night in:

Gorgeous flowers

A gorgeous bunch of roses from Prestige Flowers

You cannot have Valentine’s Day without beautiful flowers. Of course red roses are the absolute perfect choice for the occasion. They say romance, passion and love without a word or a note required.

I’m happy to report that my other half still picks out beautiful bouquets for me on special occasions. I think it’s a lovely way to show someone you love how special they are.

You can add a bear and chocolates to your flowers order as extra gifts for your loved one

I was lucky enough to receive this beautiful arrangement from Prestige Flowers. It’s from their Valentine’s Day collection and features a dozen red roses with some copper sprayed foliage.

I adore the copper with the red. I think it’s so feminine and pretty. I really like how it compliments the green and red of the flowers. It adds a beautiful bit of subtle shine to the bouquet.

The arrangement came with a teddy bear, which my toddler immediately commandeered, and a delicious box of chocolates.

Simple but delicious food

Chances are you’re pretty tired in general at the moment. Kids take it out of you. This is supposed to be a fun occasion so don’t plan to cook a 10-course meal from scratch.

Make it easy for you both. Get a meal deal from Waitrose or M&S, the choices are beautiful and it’s such good value as it comes with a bottle of wine too. All the major supermarkets run a special offer featuring ready meals around Valentine’s Day.

Alternatively get yourself a takeaway.

Play a game

It might be cards, Monopoly or Scrabble. Whatever floats your boat, get the game out and play while sipping on some wine or bubbles. It’s a great way to have some laughs together.

Find a good movie

You could alternatively check out a new box set. I’m loving The Sinner and The Dark on Netflix at the moment.

It doesn’t have to be a romantic film or show. It’s just great to sit down and watch something together.


These are an essential Valentine’s Day ingredient. With Prestige Flowers you can add a box to your order, making it super convenient. Plus they are delicious too.

A bubble bath

If your bath tub is big enough you could try a candlelit bath for two. This is a chance for you both to relax and have a conversation. Try to steer it away from the kids though! This is about having some grown-up time.


You may prefer prosecco, it’s a cheaper option as well, but whatever you choose to buy, bubbles just make an occasion feel that bit more fun.

Sure it’s probably the alcohol, but champagne just has that celebratory element to it. We always have a bottle on Valentine’s Day in our house!

Do you have any top ideas for a Valentine’s night in? Let me know your ideas in the comments.