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Sky Kids App review

How do you transport your child to a world under the sea, to a sleepover with their favourite cartoon characters and on adventures to save the day with the tap-tap of a finger? The answer…

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What to do when it all feels impossible 

I remember the moment when I first used the word “impossible” in relation to my kids.  My first daughter was barely a week old and we were at home. My house was the place that…

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Secret diary of a baby

6am Wake up, although I use that term loosely because I actually never really went to sleep. I just fed and cried in between bouts of dozing off to get my energy levels back up.…

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Holidays post-baby – are they even holidays anymore?

Picture this. You’re on a beach with a cocktail in your hand, there’s a good book on the table next to you plus a few magazines you’ve been idly flicking through. All you can hear…

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Cleaning tips for busy mums

I have a new addiction – as if I have time for another obsession along with chocolate and Netflix.  This one is actually not bad for your health like chocolate or a time vortex like…

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What to do in Cornwall with a toddler

If you want great food, beaches, sun and fun for the kids you don’t have to get on a plane to find it.  We’ve just got home from the loveliest holiday in Cornwall. We spent…

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Toy review: Big Steps Play City Deli

If you have budding chefs, then the Big Steps Play City Deli is going to be right up their street! Imaginative play is something that keeps my two girls occupied for hours on end. Once…

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Book review: Mother by Hannah Begbie

From the opening line, Mother warns you this isn’t going to be an easy ride. “We were a normal family for exactly twenty-five days.” Cath has been through hell to have her daughter Mia. Just…

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25 ways to improve baby’s sleep (and your own!)

This time last year I was a complete wreck.  My youngest had been waking frequently – sometimes staying up for hours on end – for nearly 12 months. I was slowly reaching the end of…

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Autumn toddler girl fashion must-haves

Now that Autumn has landed I’m loving the beautiful new season of toddler clothes that are in the shops right now. Chunky knits, pretty prints, stripes and bold colours have me excited to stock up…

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5 ways to soothe a crying baby plus White Company giveaway with Infacol

We all know that babies cry, but I think it’s safe to say we don’t have a clue just how difficult it can be to cope with until we’re standing there with a screaming newborn…

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20 gift ideas for babies and toddlers from Smyths Toys

It’s time to start making the Christmas list – unless you fancy flapping about in a panic on December 24th! I’ve teamed up with Smyths Toys to do the hard for you and picked up…

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6 lies I tell my kids

I like to think of myself as a pretty honest person, and yet I tell little white lies to my unsuspecting children every single day. This isn’t to be cruel, it’s not to upset them…

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I see you, mama

Dear tired mama, Right now you are overwhelmed. You feel stretched paper thin and although you don’t tear, you feel fragile and on the verge of ripping apart.  You feel like life is moving so…

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7 tips for treating eczema in babies and children

Becoming a parent is tough enough without the stress of eczema. Although this unpleasant condition is quite common among babies and small children (around one in five children in the UK have eczema), when you…

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