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Toy review: LeapBuilders Fix-It Truck

Little ones just love cars, and they love building blocks, so it’s fabulous to see the two combined so well in the LeapBuilders Fix-It Truck. This gorgeous toy comes with a variety of blocks that…

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Vaccinations: They suck but don’t skip them

As mums we are physically programmed to react to our kids’ crying. When your baby cries it can cause your boobs to leak. When your toddler is wailing you find it impossible to focus on…

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Book review: One Day in December by Josie Silver

This is the kind of book that you devour with earnest, wipe away a tear and then immediately pass on to a friend who you know will love it too. The books I’ve been reading…

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Stop guilt-tripping new mums and tell them the truth about breastfeeding

The number of mums who breastfeed their child is declining despite most mamas giving it a go immediately after birth. The HuffPost reports: “Just 42.7 per cent of mothers breastfeed their babies when they are…

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A spooky adventure at Sea Life London Aquarium 

The Sea Life London Aquarium is getting into the spirit of Halloween this month by inviting little ones to dive into its Ascarium.  Me and my two girls were invited along to check out this…

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Movie review: Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Aquaman: Rage of Atlantis

The latest Lego movie in the Justice League series is a brilliant adventure for the entire family.  We were lucky to be invited along to a special party to celebrate the movie and the DC…

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What to look for when visiting schools – top tips from an Ofsted inspector

If your little one is starting school next year then you’ve either been visiting or have visits lined up to find somewhere for your child to learn.  You may have found “the one” immediately and…

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Visiting Legoland Windsor with toddlers

We made our first ever visit to Legoland Windsor with our two little ones and I just had to share with you what it’s like.  I have been wanting to take the girls to a…

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Your baby may break your vagina

For all of the midwife appointments, NCT meetings and reading that we do when expecting, there’s one thing that doesn’t really get the full explanation. We’re told a lot about how to handle contractions, what…

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Toy review: Tonka Power Movers Cement Mixer

Bring playtime to life with this brilliant noisy toy.  Featuring Motion Drive Technology, the Tonka Power Movers vehicles make noise when your child plays with them, making imaginative play even more exciting.  One of the…

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Visiting the Eden Project with toddlers

You can’t visit Cornwall without dropping by the Eden Project, it’s one of the most impressive places to see in Britain.  I often get daunted about visiting big tourist places with my kids, as I…

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Dear Meg…

Dear Meghan,  I hope I can call you Meghan, or maybe even Meg? It’s a lot less formal than the Duchess of Sussex for sure, but soon you’ll be joining a club where we are…

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Crockford Bridge Farm review

If you’re looking for a PYO that’s geared up for the whole family to enjoy, then Crockford Bridge Farm is definitely the place to visit.  It’s pumpkin season there right now, and the farm has…

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The secret diary of a weaning baby

6am Amuse myself by playing with my own feet in bed. Parents are snoring away in the next bedroom. I allow them this moment as they did a good job of entertaining me at 2am…

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When will my baby sleep through the night?

It is the eternal question that 90 per cent of parents have asked at some stage – when will my baby sleep through the night? Although being with your cute little baby is lovely, magical,…

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