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A Christmas fairytale at Lapland UK

It’s difficult to tell who was more excited by our visit to Lapland UK, me or the kids! This place is such a magical experience that I can tell we will remember it for years…

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Car tyre safety for winter driving in Scotland

Looking after your tyres is an essential part of caring for your car in winter.  At this time of year, your car is under particular strain from harsh weather conditions. Tyres are particularly at risk…

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Stylish and practical: How Fact + Fiction reinvented the changing bag

As a mum of two I need a changing bag, but I don’t WANT one that looks like a changing bag. Whoever said women were difficult to please, eh? Luckily staying organised while looking chic…

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Bedtime magic with the Moonlite Storytime Projector

Do your kids love to read? I’m guessing the answer to that is a resounding yes! If you’re looking for something a little different to nurture their love of reading, then I have got a…

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How to put together the perfect Christmas Eve box

There’s something undeniably magical about old traditions, but it’s also something very special when you create new ones as well. We didn’t have Christmas Eve boxes (nor Elf on the Shelf) when I was little,…

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Not sleeping through yet? It’s totally normal!

When, oh when, Christ on a bike when, will my baby sleep through the night? It’s the question we ALL ask multiple times during the first year. When is this hell of sleep deprivation going…

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How to make a pastel pom pom wreath

    After being inspired by a few Pinterest images I decided to make my own pastel pom pom wreath. I’ve been lacking in a hobby for quite a while – I’m not sure blogging…

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Toy review: Baby Clementoni Interactive Ride On Unicorn

Do you have a little one desperate to find a unicorn under the tree this Christmas? My girls have been going on about wanting to ride on a unicorn for ages, but short of sticking…

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The cosiest winter boots from Strive Footwear

I discovered how comfy the shoes from Strive Footwear are earlier this year when I was sent a pair of gorgeous pink sandals. Now that winter is here I’ve been trying out a pair of…

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9 terrible truths about the terrible twos

The terrible twos are utterly brutal. Just when you thought your child was entering those golden years when your family life would look like something from an Enid Blyton book illustration, your kid whacks you…

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Toy review: LeapBuilders Fix-It Truck

Little ones just love cars, and they love building blocks, so it’s fabulous to see the two combined so well in the LeapBuilders Fix-It Truck. This gorgeous toy comes with a variety of blocks that…

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Vaccinations: They suck but don’t skip them

As mums we are physically programmed to react to our kids’ crying. When your baby cries it can cause your boobs to leak. When your toddler is wailing you find it impossible to focus on…

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Book review: One Day in December by Josie Silver

This is the kind of book that you devour with earnest, wipe away a tear and then immediately pass on to a friend who you know will love it too. The books I’ve been reading…

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Stop guilt-tripping new mums and tell them the truth about breastfeeding

The number of mums who breastfeed their child is declining despite most mamas giving it a go immediately after birth. The HuffPost reports: “Just 42.7 per cent of mothers breastfeed their babies when they are…

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A spooky adventure at Sea Life London Aquarium 

The Sea Life London Aquarium is getting into the spirit of Halloween this month by inviting little ones to dive into its Ascarium.  Me and my two girls were invited along to check out this…

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