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To the heroes who gave me my babies

An open letter to the heroes of our NHS and why we should be so grateful these dedicated women and men work tirelessly under extreme pressure to save lives: I don’t remember your names but you…

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My favourite baby products

The baby industry is a booming one full of options. Books, sleep aids, clothes, bedding, toys, storage, nursery decor, travel products, organisers, creams, the list is endless. I’ll admit to falling into the trap of…

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Baby weaning recipe: Lentils and sweet potato

I started weaning Bubba Two a few weeks ago. After a shaky start where she just stared at me like I was asking her to eat a toe she is now really getting into the…

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Things people say that spark my internal eye roll

Having a baby is an exciting time that is a cause for celebration for you and your nearest and dearest. However what you don’t realise is having a baby is an invitation for everyone to…

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Sleeping like a baby?? Not in my house

Where did the phrase ‘sleeping like a baby’ come from? Why has it evolved to mean a good night’s sleep? My only conclusion can be this phrase was first coined by someone who had no…

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Fact vs Facebook

If you were to scroll through my Facebook page you would see hundreds of pictures of me smiling, my kids doing something adorably ridiculous and my fabulous friends raising a glass on a night out.…

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The witching hour

I’m sure my husband refers to this term for fussy evenings as the bitching hour in his head. Except it’s not an hour. It lasts all bloody evening and leads to endless expletive-filled rants from…

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Family friendly recipes: chicken casserole

I use thighs in this recipe as they come out so juicy and tender but it’s fine to use breast meat if that’s what your prefer. I am a huge fan of one-pot meals. All…

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Mummy guilt

I actually don’t need to write an entire post about this. It can be summed up in one word. Everything. I find it very easy to reassure a fellow mum she’s doing a brilliant job…

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Family friendly recipes: Turkey meatballs and spaghetti

I love this recipe. It goes down a treat with our two year old and mum and dad love it too! It’s dead easy to make too. Makes enough for 4 adults or 6 toddler…

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The 50 reasons I’m not sleeping

Every night I do all I can to create a calm sleeping environment. This can quickly go downhill with two kids to keep in order. I agonise over the room temperature/bedding/clothes but some nights there…

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Bleary-eyed binge watching

Those endless nights of feeding Bubba Two would have been much harder to cope with were it not for our Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions. Having ditched Sky because of the monthly cost we have…

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You have no idea what’s coming

From the surreal moment a pregnancy test lights up with the all important second line (or the word pregnant if you splashed out on a fancy pants Clear Blue Digi) you are riding on a…

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Why I exclusively pumped for my baby’s first months

Breast vs bottle. It’s the eternal debate that can drive even experienced mums to the brink. Nothing can prepare you for how challenging those early weeks and months are. The non stop feeds that carry…

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Hello blog!

Having procrastinated about setting up a blog for the last few months I finally decided to take the plunge and just do it. What do I have to lose, right? I plan to use this…

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