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11 myths about baby sleep

There’s so much misinformation out there about baby sleep, and it’s catching us at our most vulnerable – when we’re knackered. If you have been told to ditch breastfeeding, cut back on daytime naps, stop…

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What I learned from having two under two

After celebrating my youngest daughter’s birthday a few weeks ago, I’ve just now realised something.  I survived. I survived two years with two under two. I have a few thoughts on this subject. First up,…

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11 motivating reasons to declutter your home

Motivated by the new Marie Kondo show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, I am on a mission to declutter my entire house this year. If you haven’t seen this new Netflix show, you need to…

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11 things you need to watch on Netflix right now

It’s January and the temperature is plummeting, so I figured it was time to release a new list of things you must watch on Netflix while you cosy up at home! Some are brand new…

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Mean Girls: The most accurate movie ever made?

We know the movies get it wrong a lot – total player miraculously stops shagging around after meeting one sassy girl? Puh-lease. But sadly there’s one film that frankly nails it for me. Mean Girls. …

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What’s so dangerous about a danger nap?

Sleep. Who knew it could be so bloody complicated? When I was pregnant I got the message that babies prevent you from getting any sleep. I just didn’t understand what a minefield the world of…

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10 baby products you don’t need, and what you really do

This is your ultimate baby registry – the things that should be on your baby list! However, we can’t make a proper list without first eliminating a few things you definitely do not need to…

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Festive feasts made easy with Gousto

As a busy mum of two I am always on the look out for hacks and a helping hand to make my life easier. So when I was offered the chance to put Gousto to…

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21 ways to manage the transition from one to two kids

Making the transition from one to two kids is a bit of a double-edged sword.  On the one hand, you’ve got experience the second time around so you won’t feel quite so lost when it…

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A world of festive entertainment with Sky Kids

With Christmas approaching faster than a speeding Santa on his sleigh, I’m excited but a little nervous. We’re hosting again this year and it seems like there’s so very much to do! But I don’t…

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You look happy

It’s a normal day.  The baby wakes at 5am – that’s morning time according to your little one. It doesn’t matter that technically they only just went to bed about two hours ago.  It’s time…

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Give yourself the gift of a guilt-free Christmas

If you can do just one thing for yourself for Christmas this year, what would it be? I know your mind may immediately conjure scenarios including a night off from the kids, spa treatments, prosecco,…

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The perfect gift for little superheroes: Herodrive toy review

Is there anything more exciting to a child than superheroes? I’m not sure there is, apart from maybe cake! My girls are absolutely obsessed with playing superheroes at the moment and will tear around the…

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5 ways to relax with the family this Christmas

With both of my girls now old enough to fully appreciate the magic of Christmas, I am so excited for the festive season this year.  There’s definitely something about December that just puts a big…

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7 challenges of parenting that are far worse than a Bushtucker Trial

As I watch this year’s gang of celebrities complaining about the lack of food and shrieking as a disinterested baby croc swims past them, I can’t help but wonder what on earth the fuss is…

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