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I’m still me

I love being called mummy but sometimes I worry that is all that I am now. It feels like my life is a snow globe and when my kids came along someone picked it up…

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The parent trap: My 10 biggest parenting mistakes

As parents all we ever want is to do the best for our children. We love our children so much that we hold ourselves to dizzyingly high standards, expecting way too much from our parenting…

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Entering the danger zone: Becoming a toddler

Newborns are by no means easy to handle, but they aren’t a disaster waiting to happen like toddlers. The beauty of tiny babies is you can plop them down on a play mat on the…

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Should social media airbrush our lives?

Social media filters are all about adding a bit of fun, colour and, for me at least, sorting out a pale complexion. But what about when the social media gods take it that step further?…

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Baking bad: Why I’ll never appear on Bake Off

There are few things that you can be absolutely certain of in life, but I know for a fact I will never compete on Great British Bake Off. I’ve made my peace with simply being…

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NEWS: Antibiotics to be offered to pregnant women in early labour

All pregnant women who go into labour early should be given antibiotics to protect their baby from a potentially deadly infection. Hundreds of newborn babies a year in the UK catch Group B Strep (GBS).…

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10 parenting advice U-turns

Everyone is an expert when you have a baby and that means advice flies at you constantly. You practically need a shield when you set off with a newborn in their pram for a walk…

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NEWS: Light drinking in pregnancy may not be harmful, say researchers

Light drinking may not pose a risk to babies, researchers have revealed. The furious debate over drinking alcohol in pregnancy has left many mums confused. The latest advice from UK’s chief medical office had been…

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When mummy isn’t the perfect playmate

  Rewind just a couple of years ago and my version of playtime was Saturday night cocktails, quiet Sunday mornings in bed with the paper, splurging on a new dress and delicious meals out. Now…

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How to survive family outbreaks of cold and flu

What’s worse than feeling poorly? Feeling poorly when you have kids who are also ill. It’s nothing too serious but when a cold or flu bug takes hold of your home you wish everyone could…

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10 of the most challenging parenting moments

Every day is challenging when you’re a parent but some moments stand out more than others. They’re the WTF do I do now moments? The times when you do not know how on earth you’re…

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10 reasons your toddler hates you

Sometimes they look at you like you hung the moon. However a significant chunk of your toddler’s day is spent screaming at you for failing to give in to their every whim. It is the…

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20 things pregnant mums need to know about the second trimester

You’ve made it through the first three months of your pregnancy, but what do you need to know about the second trimester? It’s a time of more dramatic changes to your body as your bump…

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10 signs that you’re a mum

Motherhood brings with it a lot of changes. Lack of sleep, baby brain and that protective parental instinct means you’ve gone from carefree you to mama bear overnight. Now there are moments when you take…

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Female role models are more than pretty faces

Inspiration comes from all kinds of places, but positive role models are one of its most powerful sources. With 24/7 news, reality television and more gossip columnists than you can count, we see thousands of…

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