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10 things you forgot to pack in your changing bag

We all know the obvious essentials that should be in your changing bag, but what about the stuff that you forgot. These are all the goodies I wish I had known that I needed in…

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A letter to my little people about bad people

The world is a scary place today. Sadly war has been a constant dark shadow in this world since it began. Today though it seems that scarcely a week goes by without us turning on…

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How to set your newborn baby’s internal clock

Newborns have no idea about the difference between day and night     It’s 1am. Your baby is wide awake, and so are you. In fact, you haven’t even gone to sleep yet. This is…

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Treating cradle cap

Cradle cap is nothing to panic about, but it isn’t pleasant and as parents we just want it to go away. It drove me crazy trying to get rid of my daughter’s cradle cap. At…

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NEWS: Warning over baby sleep aids

Baby sleep positioners have been pulled from the shelves of some UK retailers amid concerns over their safety. A US health regulator said they “can cause suffocation that can lead to death” and have been…

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Nando’s with kids

Dining out doesn’t happen very often now that we have two children. Aside from having zero disposable income every month, we also find it tricky to enjoy a meal while one of our dining partners…

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Burn the baby books, they are bad for you

It’s official, baby books promoting a strict routine are bad for maternal mental health. A study by Swansea University highlighted a link between the books and postnatal depression. The study found that the more mothers…

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What to do when your baby will not stop crying

Your peaceful newborn has grown out of that sleepy phase and now will not stop crying. When looking for the answer to stop the never-ending wails, does anyone else find themselves constantly wondering what the…

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Mum vs imposter syndrome

When I was growing up I thought my parents had all of the answers. Now I’m a parent and I feel like I have absolutely none of the answers. I had a random, “oh my…

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Lottie dolls review and giveaway

I don’t think kids are ever too young to hear the message that it’s ok to be you. As a mum of two girls I’m so keen for my little ones to grow up with…

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My day in 90s pop music

My days are pretty hum-drum affairs but I’ve always got a tune in the back of my head even when the s**t hits the fan. We’ve all got a soundtrack to our lives but these…

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Weaning on the go

Parenting is all about rolling with the changes. Babies grow and leap through phases so fast that if you blink you might miss them. Just as you think you’ve got a grip on things and…

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Annoying baby and toddler product design flaws

Baby and toddler products are supposed to make our lives easier. They cost an arm and a leg to buy, so surely it’s not too much to ask that they deliver on their promises to…

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Why Miffy is still enchanting children 62 years on – plus giveaway

Miffy was already 30 years old when I was introduced to her books at the tender age of two. Now I read stories about the inquisitive little bunny to my own children. It’s been 62…

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Am I seriously discussing this? Conversations parents have about children’s TV

Ever catch yourself having a genuine, in depth conversation with your other half about your child’s favourite TV programme? They’re made for fun and yet I often find myself wasting actual, valuable breath on talking…

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