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ZSL London Zoo review

I don’t think you’re ever too old to be left awestruck at the sight of wildlife. Seeing beautiful and powerful creatures like lions, hippos and tigers up close is such an incredible experience – it’s…

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Christmas jumpers for babies and toddlers

I cannot wait for Christmas this year. My toddler is now old enough to really appreciate all the fun of the season. My baby will have just turned one so she may just about be…

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Chocoholic heaven: Triple chocolate brownie recipe

If you’ve sworn off chocolate, it’s time to fall off of the wagon. These brownies are without a doubt the absolute best I’ve tasted, and I’ve eaten a lot of brownies. I have got a…

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Homemade play dough recipe

I often scroll through the beautiful images of arts and crafts on Pinterest feeling utterly envious at how creative other people are. I’ve written before about how I’m not a craft, Pinteresting mum. And that’s…

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Terms and conditions for visitors to new mums

When your baby arrives there are two absolute certainties that will follow. 1. You will sleep less. 2. You will be having visitors – a lot! People love to share in the joy of a…

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A baby’s guide to coping with sleep deprivation

Let me set the record straight from the outset. Everything that happened before I came along is completely and utterly irrelevant. That includes any prior commitments, relationships, personal issues and, of course, other children. I…

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The differences between first and second pregnancies

The sweet naivety of your first pregnancy when compared to your second is really quite something. When you have a small age gap between two kids, like my 21 months, the pregnancy bit is still…

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Recipe: Chocolate cornflake cakes

Is there anything more reminiscent of your primary school years than the classic cornflake cake? These are so simple to make but they’re absolutely delicious! Here’s a very simple recipe that your child will love…

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Post-baby friendships

My toddler has a best friend who she plays with at nursery. Their friendship is pretty simple. They both like looking for ants and the only thing that sometimes puts a spanner in the works…

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Nana’s recipe for the best cupcakes

One of my fondest memories of growing up is how excited I got when my mum was baking. I can remember being excited to lick the spoon once she was done with the mixing bowl.…

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A toddler’s guide to coping with sleep deprivation

Hey parents, so you think you were tired when I came along? Just look at what me and your new baby have managed to achieve now we’re working as a team. You thought your hair…

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To do list for the final month of pregnancy

It’s the final countdown to your due date, at last! If you’re anything like me you’ll feel much better if you can get on and organise your life in these final weeks so that you…

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To the pregnant mum with a toddler

Right now you’re wondering what on earth you were thinking. Yes, you love your toddler more than words can describe, but every time you think about adding a newborn baby to the mix you need…

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10 signs you have a threenager

Think you’ve got another decade until the strops of the teenage years start? Wrong! I thought the terrible twos were hard enough but my toddler has started to up her game these last couple of…

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NEWS: Toddlers risk losing fingers in home door crush accidents

Toddlers whose fingers are crushed by closing doors can end up with lifelong problems, plastic surgeons are warning. Parents are being urged to fit safety catches to all doors to prevent the accidents from happening.…

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