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11 ways to entertain toddlers when you’re ill

Being unwell when you’re a parent is never easy – you can’t call in sick to your toddler! I was recently completely knocked off of my feet by a cold and I really struggled to…

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Surrendering to being a stay-at-home mum

I am waving the white flag. I surrender to being a stay-at-home mum.  When I lost my full-time job I genuinely thought I would be back to some kind of “proper” work within six months. …

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Survival of the sickest

Do you ever miss the days when in order to take a day off, all you had to do was ring your boss, explain your condition and then sit back and binge on Grey’s Anatomy…

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EASY baby routine

The EASY baby routine from The Baby Whisperer Tracy Hogg has been by far the best that I’ve come across. I found the Gina Ford routines a little too rigid, and they just didn’t fit…

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LeapStart 3D review

We’ve been trying out the LeapStart 3D Learning System and I have been amazed at just how smart this talking book is.  With my eldest due to start school in a few months, I’m keen…

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Love letter to my baby

Dear Jessica, When you were born four years ago everything changed. After all of that waiting and wondering about you, suddenly there you were and I couldn’t believe how much I loved you.  You as…

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Casdon Toy Dyson Vacuum Cleaner review

This is a collaborative post. The Casdon Toy Dyson Vacuum Cleaner is a brilliant replica of your own Dyson vacuum, giving little ones the chance to be just like mummy and daddy when it’s time…

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Bottle-feeding must-haves

Whether you are bottle-feeding your newborn or switching to bottles for an older baby, you’ll want to get the right kit in place. These are the must-haves for bottle-feeding. I’ve tried to write a fairly…

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Preventing SIDS and when can you stop worrying

There are many things parents can do to reduce the risk of SIDS in newborn babies.  This post contains key advice on preventing SIDS, and explains when you can stop worrying about cot death.  There…

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Realistic cleaning routine for busy mamas

If you’re anything like me, your inner Monica demands a clean house, even if you’re exhausted from chasing around after the kids all day. Keeping a clean house really doesn’t have to be stressful, or…

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10 things I’ve learned in 4 years of parenting

Next week it will be four years since I became a mother.  This time four years ago I was excitedly waiting for the birth of my first child – a week overdue and feeling very…

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Gorgeous toddler girl bedroom ideas + free posters!

Designing my two daughters’ bedrooms has been so much fun. I’ve gone for a very girly look for both of their rooms, with lots of pink and bright colours. I thought I would share a…

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10 gorgeous baby comforters

Have you been wondering when you can introduce a comforter to your baby? The answer is you can do it whenever you want to. They might not really get it for the first few weeks,…

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10 breastfeeding resources for new mums

If you’re struggling to get the hang of breastfeeding or just have a few questions, there are lots of places to get free help with getting your baby to feed effectively.  Don’t suffer in silence…

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Are you ready to have kids?

I was so ready to have kids, until I actually went ahead and had kids.  I had waited until I was old enough to have built a successful career, but not so old that I…

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