My toddler adores the Trunki – she’s so pleased to have her own suitcase!

They are a rare gem, but every now and then a product comes along that just gets better and better the more you learn about it.

My latest diamond discovery is the Trunki. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one for my toddler for a while, having first heard of these cute child-friendly suitcases back when the creator was on BBC’s Dragon’s Den several years ago.

He didn’t get the investment – more fool the Dragons! – but the company has gone on to great success. Why? Because the product is amazing, for both the kids who enjoy using it and the parents who benefit from its practicality.

If you have never heard of the Trunki, let me explain what it’s all about. On the face of it this product is just a suitcase, but look a little closer and you find out just how versatile this little plastic box is!

Not only is it a suitcase with short straps for carrying and a longer strap to pop over your arm, it also doubles as a seat for your child.

So if you’re in a long and dull queue at check-in, daydreaming of all the sun you will soak up when you’re finally at your destination, your child can rest their little legs wherever you are waiting. No more aching arms for you!

Taking the Trunki out for a spin!

But there’s more, because the Trunki has four wheels, plus two grips at the front, meaning your toddler can sit on board and have a ride through the terminal, or at home as my two have been doing.

Even better for your kids, the long shoulder strap can be used as a pull-along handle so you can give your child a real thrill as you pull them around pretending they’re on an aeroplane, car or horse – it’s whatever your child wants it to be!

I love that this little suitcase – which is super lightweight – has several extra uses that make travelling so much easier.

The Trunki makes parents just as happy as their kids! A win-win.

As a mum it’s all about practicality for me. I want to be able to pack all of their things in one place that’s easy to transport, but being able to use this case as a seat and a fun toy is just the icing on the cake.

Inside the Trunki is spacious with a small pocket and straps to make packing your luggage easier

We were lucky enough to be sent the Paddington Bear Trunki (£44.99) to try out. I love the beautiful illustration of the famous bear on the front, plus the nod to London with the red bus and Big Ben just makes it such a gorgeous travel accessory.

It also came with a little sheet of Paddington stickers. If that doesn’t win over your kids, then nothing will!

It’s worth mentioning that this suitcase is a bit of a Tardis. It’s small enough for my toddler to lift it and carry it around, but it holds so much stuff inside. This is helped by the stretchy bands inside the suitcase that clip over your luggage, helping to pack way more inside and keep it neat.

The Paddington Bear illustration is just beautiful and the bright red and blue really stands out

There’s also a hidden pocket inside that’s perfect for putting any cream your child might need, their toothbrush and toothpaste and other little bits that you don’t want to lose in the pile of clothes.

Check out my vlog to see how much stuff I managed to pack in to this seemingly small suitcase, you will be amazed:

When it comes to having a ride on our Trunki, my toddler was straight on board pushing it around the room with her feet. My one-year-old quickly followed suit and was able to get her leg over the suitcase no problem and proudly sat on top.

This way Mummy!

It’s brilliant to find a children’s travel product that gets them so excited – it will make trips away, both long and short, so much easier as it engages them in the packing and unpacking bit of holidays.

When it comes to design Trunki have you really spoilt for choice. You can pick from a range of gorgeous designs including a unicorn, red London bus, giraffe and dinosaur, or you can design your very own! Apparently there are one billion possible combinations when it comes to picking colours for all the different elements of the case.

It’s rare to find a product that ticks so many boxes that please both the parents and their kids.

Already planning her next trip!

Because of all of the reasons above, for me the Trunki is worth its weight in gold and joins other must-have items on my list of essential toddler products.

We won’t be travelling anywhere without ours in the future, so it’s practically a part of the family!

More useful Trunki facts

Dimensions: 46 x 20.5 x 31 cm

Weight: 3.8lbs

Trunki is CE marked and meets EN71 safety standards.

For more information and to browse the range of Trunki products, visit the Trunki website.

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