Expecting a baby in the next few weeks?

It’s a bit of an awkward time of year, as you potentially have just a few days left of summer once the baby arrives.

We all know how much the great British weather loves to keep us on our toes. It could be a roasting September, or the rain could pour down every day.

With that in mind I’ve been looking at baby clothes and thinking about what I would stock up on if I was expecting a baby at this time of year.

For me it would be about having a few items that could be worn in case we have a sudden heatwave – let’s be positive! – as well as light long sleeves and layers that can be built up in chilly weather.

Most places have at least some of their summer items on sale. If you add cardigans and long trousers then you can take advantage of all the short-sleeves tops and vests that are around.

Here are some of my favourite picks that would see you through late summer into autumn.


After seeing Wonder Woman at the cinema I am seriously loving the character, she’s definitely one for little girls to look up to. Therefore this sleepsuit is just amazing. I also love the colour of this cat outfit, check out that hat. I think these are good for cool-ish nights when you don’t want to swamp your baby in blankets but you do want all their limbs and feet covered.

I would also happily use them in the day. You can add vests underneath if the temperature really drops.

I’m not usually a tutu fan but I just love this rainbow vest. I would add trousers on a chilly day. This cardigan is nice and light with cute little pockets. Add it over short-sleeved tops when the weather turns a little chillier.

I’ve got a flamingo top myself so I would love to dress my kids in these flamingo print outfits. Short rompers are perfect for really hot days. You get easy access to the nappy and baby stays cool. The two-pack mummy and daddy rompers keeps both parents happy!



The baby clothes from Gap are so soft and the prints are really lovely. I had a few things from Gap as gifts when my first baby was born and they have lasted so well that my second had worn them too.

I have this same footless bear print sleepsuit and it’s been great. I sometimes put my daughter down for sleep when it was about 24C in her room wearing just this. It meant her limbs were covered but not in anything too heavy.

I think the floral print cardigan would be brilliant to cover up in early morning and late afternoon when the temperature drops suddenly.

I want those little hats with the bear ears, they’re perfect for keeping little heads cozy. I like the Little Sister sleepsuit for new siblings, it could be a great gift from an older sister so they feel involved in the new baby.

Light, long-sleeved tops are good for the start of autumn. They shouldn’t be too heavy. The floral vest top romper is adorable and would be fab for a barbecue if the sun happens to come out.

These trousers would go with pretty much anything. They’re good to add with these sets of short-sleeved vests on those awkward days when the temperature yo-yos all over the place.



Affordable and fashionable all in one place. Mothercare seems to be constantly upping its game with its collections.

This blue print dress would be lovely for baby to wear when meeting the family for the first time. You go through piles and piles of washing in the first few weeks so the multi-pack of vests is a great idea.

I’m a sucker for a Disney movie themed outfit. Particularly when it’s the older movies that I watched growing up. This Bambi set is just brilliant as a gift for a newborn. The seven-piece set at the top ensures your baby has lots of options to keep cool or warm.


John Lewis

There’s a sale on at John Lewis now, so it’s a good time to stock up on multipacks of vests and sleepsuits.

I love the Bonds baby brand, they make some gorgeous sleepsuits. The one in the bottom left is footless so a good late summer choice. The one at the top has a double zip fastening so should make getting baby in and out easier.

The prints on the John Lewis own collection are really sweet. I love the multi-pack with hat and bib, it’s practical and looks good. The little dress would be great for any special occasion like a wedding, if you’re brave enough to try it with a newborn.

These three rompers would keep baby cool in the final burst of summer. I’m choosing to stay optimistic that we will have more sunshine!

Links to all of the items in this feature can be found on my Pinterest page. Please follow me if you get a minute.

You may also want to look at my top baby product suggestions for a newborn and for if you are going to have two kids under two.

I hope these suggestions were helpful and if you are expecting a baby imminently, take care of yourself and congratulations!




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