It’s no exaggeration when I say I was totally horse mad as a child. 

I had lessons every week for years and still try to get in the saddle as often as I can. 

I haven’t been riding since I fell pregnant with my eldest daughter, and I have to say I really do miss it. But it’s lovely to tell my girls all about what it’s like to ride, and I really hope they get the horsey bug from me!

We’ve yet to take them pony riding yet, as I think they may still be a little young. But they love to pretend their riding on their fave ride along toys, or just as they race up and down the garden. 

So when my four-year-old was invited to create her perfect dream horse and see it transformed into a toy, I was so excited to get her involved. 

The challenge put her artistic skills to the test, and got her imagination going!

I lined up every colour pen I could get my hands on, because I wanted Jessica to make this horse look however she wanted it to. 

Hard at work creating her dream horse!

As she drew I asked her if she could ride any horse at all, what would she want it to look like? I asked her to draw the very best horse she could think of. 

We talked about what colour her dream horse might be, as well as whether he would have lots of different colours. 

Then we got into exciting details like whether the horse would be a unicorn, and whether he would have wings to fly! I also asked her if there were any pretty shapes or patterns she would want to see on his fur. 

In the end she decided not to go with a unicorn, as she pointed out to me “then it would be a unicorn, not a horse”. Obviously, how silly of me!

Jessica’s drawing featured so many different colours

However she did use nearly every colour I had laid out for her, and she decided the horse had to have lots of polka dots. 

I love what she did with the mane and tail with all the different colours. 

She was so excited to see her drawing turned into a toy, she didn’t quite believe me that it could be done!

When our new toy did arrive, Jessica was so impressed. She remembered all of the little details she had added to her drawing and saw them reflected in the final soft toy.

Her dream horse has not left her side since! It’s safe to say he’s a favourite with her now, although I hope she doesn’t think the pony she eventually takes a ride on will look like him!

If he girls go as horse mad as myself when I was a child and start demanding their very own, I’ll remember Petplan Equine Horse insurance is an essential part of owning a one. 

This is a collaborative post. We were gifted this horse by Petplan Equine but all words and opinions are my own.