Mummy’s grown-up cold

I’m wide awake and ready to play. I hope mummy and daddy have something exciting planned for me today. I had a good, big sleep. I did hear a noise when all the lights were still off. The front door went bang then I heard more noises coming up the stairs. Then there was another loud bang and I heard mummy’s voice say a word I haven’t heard before, it sounded like “duck”. I will ask someone at nursery what that word is when mummy takes me there next time.

Then I heard the light in the room with the bath turn on and lots of funny noises happened. It sounded like our cat when he’s eaten too much grass and decides he wants to get rid of it from his tummy. The noise stopped and I went to sleep.

Now it’s morning and I need someone to get me up. It’s very quiet so I bang my cot with my feet to let mummy and daddy know it’s morning as they must have forgotten. Daddy comes into the room and gets me dressed. I want to see mummy. He says mummy is still in bed. That’s silly as it’s time to play now. Daddy says mummy has a grown-up cold today. I shout I want mummy so we go into mummy and daddy’s bedroom.

Mummy is playing hide and seek under the duvet. I join in and shout “Boo!” when I find her. Mummy’s face scrunches up and her eyes have lots of black drawing around them. Then I climb on mummy. She makes a silly grumbly noise so I jump on her to get her to make it again. Then I ask for a book. Daddy reads to me in the big bed while mummy closes her eyes again. I think she wants to play hide and seek again so I pull the duvet off her. Mummy covers her face with her hands and rolls onto her tummy. She’s really enjoying hide and seek today.

Daddy takes me downstairs for breakfast. He takes mummy’s breakfast upstairs to their bedroom. Then we play Lego but I want to know where mummy is. Mummy comes downstairs. The black drawing around her eyes is gone but her hair is all fluffy and spiky.

I want to go to the park. I want mummy to come. Mummy wears her big black glasses. When she talks her voice sounds funny, like a croaky frog. I ask mummy to help me climb to the slide. She pushes me on the swing. She pretends to chase me but she’s not going very fast. Then mummy lies down on a bench. Her grown-up cold has made her sleepy she says.

At home daddy makes lunch but mummy says she’s too “rough” to eat anything. After lunch I say I don’t want a nap. Mummy puts me in my cot anyway. It’s boring in my room by myself so I take off all my clothes and my nappy. I need a wee. The bed is wet now so I shout to tell mummy.

Mummy comes in. She says some words that are too quiet for me to hear and shakes her head. Then she calls for daddy. He says he doesn’t know where the spare sheets are. Mummy rolls her eyes and takes away the wee. She puts a new sheet on my bed.

We go into the lounge. Mummy puts Peppa Pig on, hooray! She says something about “lazy parenting” then lies on the couch and closes her eyes. Mummy is making funny noises so I go and scream in her face. She jumps up. Mummy is funny.

I decide to play music for mummy. I bang my keyboard with as many fingers as I can and sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Mummy is shaking her head again and has covered her face with her hands. She must be really enjoying my music so I play Humpty Dumpty.

It’s bath time, hooray. Mummy sits by the bath quietly so I splash very hard so she can enjoy the bath too. She moves away from the bath so I have to splash harder next time. Silly mummy.

I decide I want 10 bedtime stories. I like the long ones best. Then I ask about all the pictures too and what people are doing. Mummy keeps missing pages. I ask her why and she says the pages have gone On holiday.

Now it’s time to have my teeth cleaned. I clamp my mouth shut. Mummy asks if I want to sit here all night. I say yes. I let mummy clean my teeth after she says please lots of times.

Mummy puts me in bed. I say I’m not tired and stand up. Mummy rushes out of the room and shuts the door. I sing very loudly to show I’m not tired. Mummy and daddy come in. They ask me to lie down and close my eyes. I say no. Daddy picks me up and gives me a cuddle while mummy is staring up at the ceiling.

Then they leave the room. I start singing again. We play the game for a long time. I’m tired now so I close my eyes.

Before I go to dreamy land I hear mummy tell daddy she’s never drinking again.

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