Miffy the bunny is still just as enchanting 62 years on from when her adventures were first published

Miffy was already 30 years old when I was introduced to her books at the tender age of two.

Now I read stories about the inquisitive little bunny to my own children.

It’s been 62 years since the first Miffy book was published, and her adventures are still just as engaging and exciting for little children as when they were first printed in 1955.

There are so many things to love about the Miffy series of books (there are more than 30 of them!).

The illustrations are stunning in their simplicity.

Bright and bold block colours are combined with simple line drawings of the bunnies, their home and other places to create delightful scenes.

Sometimes the illustrations are of simply a chair, or more complicated scenes featuring zoo animals or more than one character. Still it’s all about the minimalism when it comes to the Miffy illustrations.

Beautiful but simple illustrations like this make the Miffy artwork instantly recognisable

And with this series it’s definitely a case of less is more.

The drawings are so memorable that when I opened my eldest daughter’s very first Miffy book, given as a gift from my mum, I could vividly recall the pictures from my own childhood.

The way the books are written also makes the series very special indeed.

The stories are not packed full of words, around four lines on each page, but what is there is so cleverly put together.

Writer Dick Bruna, who sadly died earlier this year, uses beautiful rhymes along with clever turns of phrase to make the words just as exciting as the pictures.

Because the writing is so memorable, my toddler can often join in and finish off the lines, which she loves. Plus I’m happy because she’s enjoying books so much, it’s a win-win!

Miffy books and book bag

My toddler’s collection of Miffy books with book bag

My toddler absolutely adores her Miffy collection of stories – she has a selection of the books that came in their own Miffy bag. She loves carrying it all around the house and unpacking the books to pick out which one she wants to read next.

So we were thrilled to get a new story in the post!

Miffy and the Playground sees the mischievous little bunny head for a fun day out at the park with mummy and daddy bunny.

Miffy at the Playground is a lovely addition to storytime with my toddler’s favourite bunny toy

My little girl loved seeing Miffy enjoy all of the rides and games that she loves to do herself at the playground.

There’s something so endearing about the Miffy books, because they don’t need to be packed full of loud noises, crazy mishaps or whacky characters. They engage children because they’re based on the ordinary things all kids like to do.

Miffy – who I guess is supposed to be around age four in the books – is just like any other small child. She is excited to go on adventures and explore new places, but these are places that most toddlers and small kids will experience too. There’s no Miffy in space, but rather Miffy at the zoo, at school and Miffy welcoming her baby sister.

We love having a new addition to our Miffy collection and it’s definitely on my little girl’s Christmas list to add a few more to it as well.

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