Whenever I’m in London it’s impossible not to seem like a wide-eyed tourist in awe of everything I see – even though I’ve lived on the doorstep of the big city for most of my life.

Being from Berkshire, I can hop on a train and be in the Big Smoke within 30 minutes. We’ve spent a lot of time in London over the years as a couple but since having kids we haven’t ventured there much, too nervous about getting stuck on the tube with a double buggy perhaps!

But now the kids are getting that bit older and we very nearly have two walkers, I am writing a list of places in London that I am desperate for them – and, to be honest, me – to see.

While there are many grown-up things I would love to do just me and my other half, or me and my friends, my list of must-see places for the kids is what’s got me really excited!

So if you’re looking for a day out in London, here are my top picks for where to take your family:

London Zoo

We actually managed to take the kids here a few months ago and it was fantastic.

There’s so much to see that I don’t think we managed to look at every exhibit in enough detail. However, having said that it is a pretty compact site and super child-friendly.

We went with our then-nine-month-old and two-year-old, who were both fascinated by the beautiful animals there.

For me it’s the tigers that really had me amazed. I can’t wait to go back again!

Madame Tussauds

I haven’t been to the waxwork museum in years. I love how they update the models regularly to keep up with pop culture and political figures.

There are some really fun displays here and there are so many opportunities for selfies! How else are you going to get this close to Brad Pitt!

I think this would be best suited to slightly older children, who would get a real thrill out of pretending to audition for Simon Cowell. However young kids will enjoy the bright, colourful displays too.

Tower of London

I so wish I had visited the Tower when the big poppy display was there a couple of years ago, it looked simply stunning. However this is a great place to visit at any time of year. While some of the content about the tower’s past might be a tad macabre for small kids, the tower is family-friendly and little princesses will love to see the Crown Jewels.

Thames River Cruises

What better way to see London than from the water? You can hop on and off at various destinations thanks to the Thames Clippers River Roamer Cruise, or simply relax and watch the scenery go by.

This would be an exciting adventure for little people.

London Aquarium

Exploring aquariums is one of my favourite things to do. I just love looking at exotic sealife up close – the beautiful colours, the unusual creatures – it’s a fascinating insight into life beneath the waves.

We have taken our two children to a couple of small aquariums but it would be fabulous to take them to a destination place such as this one. It’s a place to have fun and learn a lot too – a double win.

London Eye

I haven’t been on the London Eye in more than a decade. I would love to take my two kids on there and enjoy the view together. We could spot all of the London monuments and I’m sure my toddler would be fascinated at having a ride on a giant ferris wheel!

So those are my top picks for London with the family! Tickets to all of these and more fabulous London attractions at Discount London.



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