I had been in the market to sort out the logo on my blog for a while.

It’s not that I hated it, it was just a few little tweaks I felt needed to be done and, most of all, I wanted to add a catchy tag line.

So it was good timing when I was invited to try out Logojoy.

The logo designing website has so many choices when it comes to layout, font, icons and containers to surround your text. You really can spend hours and hours playing with the different combinations, or you can take one of the ideas presented to you within seconds based on your colour and design preferences.

How it works

When you arrive at the logo designing process you are shown a range of logos and asked to select five that you like. Next you are asked to pick colour palettes that you favour. You can always go back and change these, this is just a starting point to figure out what you might prefer your logo to look like.

Next you pick five icons you like. I went for some bubbles, a baby and other child-related images that would work with my parenting blogger niche and name of my blog. There are loads to choose from and the search engine is easy to use.

These are the symbols I selected – you can also select colour palettes that you prefer

Now you are presented with some logo ideas! You can flick through these and see which ones you like best.

The generated logos produces various ideas with different fonts and colours

Now when you find a logo that you like, you can select favourites and go in to edit it further. At the editing stage you can change colours, the icon, font, layout and container (if you want to have one, there’s also different layout options without one).

With the colours I had my favourite shades’ hex codes ready so I could easily apply these to the different elements of the logo. You can also play around with the colour slider and find a different shade.

You can select which element of the logo you want to change and then flick through all of the options


Once you have made your decision, you pick which price package you want (I’ll get to that next), and pay.

My logo package was then sent to me via email in a zip file within about two minutes. Quick and easy.

After this, if you choose the Premium or Enterprise package you can go back and edit your logo within the next 24 hours. This is fabulous if, like me, you change your mind after sleeping on it and need to fiddle with the logo a bit more.

The price

Logojoy has three packages.

The Basic package costs $20 and will get you a low res logo, the Premium package costs $65 for which you get a high res logo, including different formats, black and white version and version with a transparent background. The Enterprise option is $165 and includes all of the above plus one hour of a designer’s time.

I had the Premium package and opted for the $9 add on to get all my social media icons sent to me as well.

My verdict

I was absolutely bowled over by the volume of choice you get with Logojoy. My favourite thing about it is how it takes the stress out of branding your website.

The options are extensive, using it is easy and incredibly quick and the way it presents you with so many ideas in such a short space of time is brilliant. I did mine on the iPad and had no problems navigating the site and design options.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, need a logo that looks professional and don’t want to spend hours creating one from scratch then Logojoy is definitely worth checking out.