Living on the edge: 10 extreme parenting moments

It’s hardly an extreme sport, but us parents have our own unique ways of taking risks.

We don’t need to hurl ourselves off a cliff to get an adrenaline rush, we’ve got all kinds of “crazy” stories of our own to tell.

We take chances and throw caution to the wind every single day, it just doesn’t sound quite as exciting as being lowered into a shark-infested sea in a little cage.

But we know we’re daredevils at heart, so here’s all the times we’ve taken the risks and got our heart rates pounding as we lived life dangerously:

1. Stayed up an extra hour
This is a particularly risky strategy. Do you go to bed and catch some extra zzzs or do you stay up to watch the next episode of Breaking Bad.

It feels great when you’ve gone for it, not so great when your baby decides to knock an hour off her usual overnight sleep.

2. Took the children somewhere with no cafe/baby change facilities
Most places do have them, but sometimes you’ve just got to get back to nature, which is what we call the local park.

When you go somewhere with no baby change, you will end up exposing your toddler’s bum to the world as you wrestle her to the ground to handle an epic poo. Only a true braveheart can suffer through this challenge.

3. Went out without the changing bag
You’re only going for a short trip out, why bother taking the changing bag this time?

Because this is the time our baby will vomit all over her clothes and your toddler will fall head first into the biggest puddle ever.

4. Allowed the baby to have a danger nap
Another extremely nerve-wrecking challenge for parents. As the clock ticks on your mind is racing at the potentially lethal outcomes depending on what you do next.

If you don’t let them nap or wake baby from the late nap too early, they will be overtired and miserable all day.

If you let them sleep as long as they choose, they won’t go to sleep easily at 7pm and you’ll miss out on your insane evening of sitting in front of the TV.

5. Let the toddler skip their afternoon nap
Hell hath no fury like a toddler who is overtired. They will act more irrational than normal, demand various random things you don’t have, cry because their socks are on the wrong feet and get cross even if you let them watch Paw Patrol while eating ice cream with a new toy in their hands.

6. Allowed the kids an extra bowl of ice cream/slice of cake
The sugar rush can make them go more crazy then normal and stop them falling asleep. But it can also keep them quiet while they’re eating it. It’s a tough call.

7. Left the kids overnight with a babysitter
You can, shock horror, have a night out. Maybe go to the local Indian restaurant and then go nuts by heading for a night cap afterwards.

If you’re really going for it, you could even forgo going out all together and just catch up on your sleep.

8. Opened a bottle of wine
The kids are in bed, there’s a good film on TV, let’s throw caution to the wind and open that bottle of wine. We’re risking a hangover, but we’re just totally courageous like that.

9. Decided to risk turning our back
Something needs doing in the kitchen, the kids seem occupied but you know it’s a risk. You do it anyway.

It’s impressive how much carnage a toddler can cause when they know they have 10 seconds to wreck havoc.

10. Decided to have another child
Of all the brave things we have faced, this is the most challenging one to conquer. A second, or even third, child means you no longer outnumber your kids.

May the odds be ever in your favour.


Living on the edge: 10 extreme parenting moments


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