A letter to my little people about bad people

A letter to my little people about bad people

The world is a scary place today.

Sadly war has been a constant dark shadow in this world since it began.

Today though it seems that scarcely a week goes by without us turning on the news to see another horrific event. An individual or individuals taking out their rage, their twisted ideology, on innocent people.

People do terrible things.

Your mummy is not a religious person. Therefore I do not believe in a so-called god who is all-powerful and yet would stand by while people, who this religion says he loves, are slaughtered in terrible ways.

I think bad things happen because some people are just bad. They may not have been born bad. Maybe they didn’t have the childhood that we are trying to give to you. Maybe they are jealous of what others have.

Of course mummy is simplifying matters here. Bad people who do bad things may not be bad all of the time. They may be hard workers, doting parents, loyal friends. Yet one day something in them snaps and the bad takes over any good.

Whatever their reasoning, whatever their justification, there is no good reason to take another person’s life.

With children being murdered as they attended a pop concert, diners being attacked as they gathered with friends and tourists being mowed down as they explored new places, it’s easy to let fear take hold.

But I don’t want you to be afraid. Even though at times I am.

I am afraid of what will come next. I am afraid of the awful images I see on the news of people running scared for their lives.

I am afraid of what could happen if we were ever unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But I don’t want us to bring you up surrounded by fear. I can’t control the unspeakable things that others do, but I can make sure that we keep living our lives the way we want to.

So to you my darling children, who are right now too young to comprehend the evil that can emerge from dark corners of our world, I say this:

Do not give in to fear. It’s what those attacking your free way of life want.

Do not be cowed. Do not change how you are because others say you are wrong.

Do not be put off dressing how you want to dress. Depending on your choice I may not always approve, as your mother, but you should always express yourself through fashion however you want to.

Do not be afraid to speak out. When you see others in pain or hear words you don’t agree with, it’s ok to be the one voice that goes against the grain.

Do not make yourself small to please others. Stand proud and independent. You have a voice and deserve for it to be heard.

Do not let the unkind words of others tear you down. Some people think the way we live our life is wrong. But it’s them who are wrong.

Do not stop exploring. Visit new places, go off the beaten track, go to the concert, travel. When we stop enjoying life, the bad people win.

Do not let stereotypes tinge the way you see others. As adults struggle to make sense of it all we sometimes turn on each other. The actions of one person do not define an entire group of people.

Do not allow the words of politicians to be your sole basis for forming opinions. Listen to others. Get all of the information. Then form an opinion of your own. You do not need to be told what to think, my darlings, you have the freedom to make up your own minds.

So, my beautiful children, I’m sorry I do not have the power to stop bad things from happening to good people.

I cannot always protect you, which is the fact that frightens me more than anything else.

But more than anything else, I am afraid of you not being able to fulfil your potential.

Dream big little ones. There will be nightmares too, but be brave. While you are young, I promise to try to be brave for you.


A letter to my daughters about bad people and terror

Me, Being Mummy
Five Little Doves

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  • Powerful post lovely. When I think about all the awful atrocities that have happened over the course of the last year, one of the things that compounds my sadness is how do I explain it to my innocent, smiley little boy? #bigpinklink

    • Thanks so much, this has been on my mind for a while. I hate that this has become part of our way of life. I really hope there is more unity and less hate by the time my kids are becoming more independent and exploring the world. Xx

  • This totally hit home today! We are off to Disneyland Paris in November and there have been times recently where I have considered cancelling our holiday because of the maybes and coulds that cross my mind with what is happening. But I refuse to allow other people to stop our exploring and our enjoyments. This is such a lovely post! #HoneybeeLinky

    • Thank you for your lovely words and I do totally understand what you mean. You wonder what could be a target all the time, it’s such a shame to think this way. I’m glad you’re still going on your holiday, I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time x

  • I think learning that we cannot protect our littles from everything is the hardest thing isn’t it? However we can arm them with truth and the importance of being kind. A really great post, one I’m sure your kids will appreciate for a long time to come x

  • The world can look like a very scary nasty place at the moment. I think it is important to show children the beauty and kindness that is always present in thr world, so when they hear about the bad things you have something to balance it with.

  • This is so lovely – it can be hard enough to try to make sense of all of the bad things that happen in the world without having to worry about how to explain it to children as well. All we can do is try to raise them to be kind, honest and caring people. #fortheloveofBLOG

  • I think we are bombarded by fear and negativity these days. I don’t watch the news, I am careful who I follow on social media- bad things happen, yes, but there are always the helpers to look out for- I think overall there is far more good than bad. #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Such a lovely post – I’ve been worrying about this lately too. How do I explain to Emma that there are even other children who are not nice, let alone what is going on in the world. You have described it perfectly and with such kindness. Thanks for hosting #fortheloveofBLOG xx

  • Beautiful post Vicky. I completely love the advice you give your children – I’m going to read these points to my daughter. Such a scary world out there but lovely people like you make it a brighter place to be xx #fortheloveofblog

  • love this. I’ve been keeping mine little and innocent for as long as possible, but she is getting to the age now where very soon we are going to have to start having some tough conversations about the world. I hate it. #fortheloveofblog

  • The whole world right now seems to be getting worse, I wonder if the access to the world through the media make it appear worse than it ever was… ignorance is bliss and all that?
    Unfortunately, the manchester bombing happened on Bens first birthday and that was the first time I really realised just how much these horrific things can impact our lives even if they do not directly affect us! #fortheloveofBLOG

  • So brilliantly written! And my sentiments exactly. To change how we live and bring up out little ones would be to let the bad people win. Good will always win over evil. Thank you so much for joining in with the #HoneybeeLinky lovely! Hope to see your blog on it again next week! Xxx

  • It’s a tough world out there and yes there’s a lot of bad people out there. I do worry about what sort of world I am bringing my children up in but then I remember that there is also a lot of good and many kind hearts. This far outweighs the bad stuff x

  • Ahh this is beautiful and everything that I too want to tell my little ones in these terrible times we live. I want them to know that life is also wonderful and amazing and they can be anything at all they wish to be, it’s just so hard when there is so much sadness in the world. #bigpinklink

  • It’s one of the hardest things about being a parent in my opinion. The tantrums will eventually stop, the potty training will ultimately be a success, but the world outside our home is out of our hands. Thanks for sharing #BlogCrush

  • This is a lovely post. It’s hard bringing children into this world. It’s difficult to get a good compromise between protecting them from the bad stuff and also getting them to realise that this stuff does happen. #fortheloveofBLOG