There are many times since having my kids that I’ve been a bit green with envy.

The freedom to behave however you want, never having to cook or clean and living for fun every day.

However I’ve never been more jealous than since my toddler’s new pair of Lelli Kelly hi-tops arrived. These shoes are the business, covered in glittery sequins and flowers over a rainbow-coloured canvas, they are just simply the kind of shoes you put on and feel happy.

The downside? They don’t come in adult sizes, boo!

Anyway, moving on before I try to squish my big feet into my toddler’s size 8s, if you haven’t come across the Lelli Kelly brand before then you’re missing out.

Bright, glitter, sparkly and fun are the order of the day with this brand!

Lelli Kelly was founded in 1992 in Italy. They are known for putting the fun and funky into shoes!

There are so many different designs that it’s hard to settle on just one pair, however when the lovely people at Jake Shoes contacted us to see if my toddler would like a pair I had to pick.

We went for the Rainbow Millesoli hi-tops boots (£52.90). And wow they are pretty! These are the shoe-equivalent of a Disney movie – they’re a visual spectacle, great fun, full of personality and definitely made for kids (I hate to admit!). These are shoes fit for a princess!

The main material of the shoe is a glittery rainbow canvas. But that wasn’t enough for the Lelli Kelly designers, as they then added sparkly rainbow flowers, multi-coloured beads and pretty pink laces.

As well as the laces, there is a zip and Velcro fastening on the side of the shoes, making them very secure once on.

Of course the shoes deliver on look. I know my toddler will delight in wearing them everywhere she goes from now on. But what about quality? These are children’s shoes after all, and they will be in for a battering.

Between playgrounds, country parks, woodland walks and farm visits, you know that the last thing a toddler will be thinking about is keeping their new shoes in one piece.

You also don’t want little feet getting blisters.

But these shoes deliver on style as well as comfort and practicality.

The sole is thick and sturdy, protecting delicate feet from rocky ground. They support the ankle beautifully, plus there are removable insoles that help to soak up an moisture, keeping little feet fresh as they play.

Oh, and the most important point? If you take those insoles out the shoes are machine washable! Hooray!

I was pleased to see Lelli Kelly do school shoes as well, for both boys and girls, in a range of smart styles. I’ll definitely be back once my toddler is ready to start school.

But it’s the beautiful glittery range of shoes that really catch my eye.

Every little girl needs a pair of sparkling Lelli Kelly shoes. Wear them with jeans, a dress, a tutu or leggings, they will definitely bring a touch of magic to any outfit!

Check out Jake Shoes for way more choice, but just to warn you it’s hard to pick one pair and they may induce serious shoe envy!