One of my resolutions for 2018 now that the kids are learning to entertain themselves a little bit more is to spend more time getting creative in the kitchen.

So I’ve dreamed up my perfect kitchen wish list, including juicers by Panasonic, which I’m hoping I’ll find under the tree this year.

As a parent I think cooking, baking and mixing is one of those things that just makes you feel like a grown up. It’s escapism from the dirty nappies, tantrums and routine of raising kids.

I find cooking and creativity new dishes such a great form of escapism. Nope I’m not the greatest cook in the world, so that’s why I need bloody good kitchen implements to make me look like a star.

It’s never too late to add a new kitchen gadget to your Christmas list or find something to treat yourself with in the New Year.

So here’s my wish list to inspire you.


One of my favourite things to do with my daughter is to have a juice or smoothie while we are out shopping. She loves it and we have a nice chat while we’re sharing the drink.

So making our own at home would be great and if we drop a few extra helpings of fruit in we are totally winning when it comes to getting five a day. The juicers by Panasonic look amazing! This one is designed to take up less space than your kettle, so perfect for more compact kitchens!

Slow cooker

When you have young children it’s difficult to focus on the intricacies of a recipe. By having a slow cooker you can bung a load of ingredients that will be super healthy for your kids and then leave them to cook. That’s it. No more effort on your part.

I also love how slow cooked meat such as beef is so very very tender and delicious. For certain cuts of meat it’s the only way to cook it.

Ice cream machine

This is such a fashionable thing now, making your own flavour of ice cream. To be honest I just want vanilla or chocolate at the end of the day but it would be so great being able to inject a bit of creativity into it.

I love the thought of combining some unique flavours to make my very own ice cream!

Water bath

It’s not a season of Masterchef if you don’t see a chef dropping a beautiful cut of meat into a water bath. This seems to be the way of cooking meat for the professionals.

It results in a tender and perfectly cooked piece of meat. If only I had space on my kitchen counter this would be in my kitchen already.

Popcorn machine

We don’t have many parties at our house but I can imagine that any bit of entertaining would be made way more lively with a popcorn machine.

These are centre pieces of an evening and it’s such a nice touch to be able to serve your guests freshly made popcorn.

Even when you’re having a quiet night in, this can add the fun factor.

Have you got any kitchen gadgets that you would love to try out? I would love to hear what’s on your Christmas list.