As a busy full-time working mum, I need everything in my life to be practical.

I’m juggling several balls at once all day every day, from the kids and work to cleaning the house and keeping up with all those little disasters that get in the way, like leaky showers and broken dishwashers.

Everything needs to work in my favour, because with all of these challenges I’m already jogging uphill, I don’t need anything getting in my way.

I need practical meals, because they have to be quick to cook and be eaten by every member of the family, I need a practical house, because I’ve got four people with different needs living there, and I need my clothes to be practical. Shoes are particularly important, because I’m constantly on my feet chasing around after someone or something.

Gone are the days of wearing sky high heels inspired by Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, and I’m actually relieved as I’m sure my feet are too! When it comes to footwear, it’s just not sensible to be totting about in 5inch heels at your local farm, or carrying a screaming toddler through a busy car park while wobbling on your toes.

I’ve always had quite delicate feet that are prone to blisters. It doesn’t take much for a shoe to make my feet sore, so I’m always very careful about what I pick. As a result, I’ve had a few pairs of shoes that I have worn until the soles were nearly completely gone because they were so reliable.

And yet I still crave beautiful footwear, because while I am of course a mum, I’m also a woman with a love for all things pretty.

So then the important question for me now is, can practical be pretty?

Although this question may not be particularly practical, I feel that little more confident, that bit more energetic, when I like what I’m wearing. So surely it makes sense to look for both!

That’s why I was really excited when Strive contacted me to try out a pair of their shoes.

Strive footwear uses biomechanical footbed technology to keep your feet comfortable. The contouring can help reduce common aches and pains related to poor posture, something I am absolutely guilty of since having kids.

So they tick the box for practical, but what about style?

I picked the Ibiza sandal in muted pink (£69.95). Made from leather/suede, this beautiful sandal has sparkly diamante adorning the top, making them perfect to way both day and night.

As soon as I slipped them on my feet, it was like a Cinderella moment! They fit perfectly and I never wanted to take them off, plus they are simply gorgeous, forget about Prince Charming, I’ll just keep these shoes thanks very much!

Not only do they make me smile every time I look down at my feet, but they’re so versatile. I can wear them with dresses, skirts, trousers and jeans, and they work with both smart and casual outfits.

As someone who conducts most of their life in a mad rush, from the nursery drop-off to reaching a play date on time, It’s so fab to have a pair of shoes that I can live in this spring and summer.

All I need to do is slip them on, and I know my feet will be super happy all day. Happy feet, happy mummy, which means happy kids!

Here are some of my top tips for juggling work life and mum life:

Meal planning

This one is crucial, because you don’t want to reach 6pm, with hungry mouths to feed and nothing to give them. Going out for a last-minute dash to the supermarket just isn’t what we need!

When doing your weekly shop, write down what you will have every single day. Pick meals everyone will eat and make sure you have all the ingredients in.

Also always remember to stock up on your essentials such as milk, bread and butter.

Lay out outfits the day before

My hubby and I share getting the kids dressed in the mornings, so it’s a big help if the clothes are just there ready to go and we don’t have to run around each other fishing clean trousers out of drawers and hunting for socks.

Pack all bags the night before

Nursery bags and your work bag need to be packed and by the front door before you go to bed. Scrambling round for keys and spare clothes in the morning will just cause stress that we don’t need!

Also have shoes next to the bags.

Avoid dry clean only clothing

With the washing piling up every day, the last thing you need is a weekly dash to the dry cleaners.

Enjoy your down time

When it gets to your day off, plan something fun to do away from the house.

It doesn’t have to cost the earth, just visiting a new place to walk or a new playground can help make the most of free time.

Try making a wish list of places to go and stick it on your fridge. Ticking off the places is really satisfying!

What are your tips for juggling work and mum life?

Don’t forget to visit Strive and check out the rest of their gorgeous collection.