One of my biggest worries as a parent with kids who are growing up way to fast is protecting them from bullies.

The thought of my girls being on the receiving end of threats, violence and unkind words is something that makes me feel both angry and physically ill.

But it’s not just a matter of keeping kids physically away from bullies in the playground these days.

I think the threat from bullies who target their victims by text message and social media is even more worrying, because it means our kids have no escape from the taunting.

Everyone needs, and deserves, to have a safe space. This should be somewhere that they can talk about their feelings, be themselves and know that nothing bad will happen to them there.

While smartphones have done marvels for connecting people, the door of course swings both ways and it allows people with cruel intentions to have access to targets 24/7, no matter where they are.

The pressure bearing down on children today, as they grow up in a world surrounded by technology making distance almost irrelevant, is immense.

And yet technology is ever evolving and so important today that to cut kids off from it out of fear is not only impractical, but it’s also going to hold them back.

So I want to do everything I can to give my kids freedom to be themselves, and to use technology, but also be safe and not be exposed to threatening or negative behaviour.

Of course it does work both ways, as I would hate to learn that my own children have bullied any other people. I want to raise them to be kind, to stand up against that type of behaviour not be involved with it.

That’s why I was left really reassured after trying out the WebSafety app. The app helps parents to protect theit children and help them use their mobile phones safely.

What I really like about this solution is that it doesn’t involve removing the phone from the child.

You also won’t be constantly looking over your child’s shoulder trying to figure out what they’re saying and to who.

It’s more about identifying any inappropriate use of the phone and internet, then addressing it with your child, so educating them on how to be safe.

The WebSafety app has multiple features that enable you to keep an eye on your kid’s mobile phone usage, without grilling them every day about what they are up to.

Of course you want your relationship to be one full of trust and open discussion, however when it comes to children we all know that trust needs to be validated every now and then.

With WebSafety you can monitor your child’s internet usage, so you can see what content they are being exposed to, see what new apps they are installing on their phone, view their text messages to check for bullying content and see what pictures they are posting and commenting on when using Facebook.

It also enables you to block screen time, to ensure your child is not spending hours and hours on their smartphone. This is an issue that really concerns me, as the last thing I want is for my children to spend all day with their eyes glued to a screen and not interacting with people face to face.

You can also use WebSafety to track your child’s location, a really reassuring feature when you have older children who like to go out and socialise!

As children seem to be picking up smartphones at an ever younger age, I think this is a brilliant way to make sure your child is not being exposed to any negative content or influence.

Being able to monitor text messages and social media usage means you can identify any bullying your child is suffering, or any worrying behaviour they are carrying out, and deal with it appropriately.

Using WebSafety is a great compromise between parent and child, because the parent can feel reassured they know what their child is being safe online and the child gets to use their smartphone.

If you’re undecided, there’s a 30-day free trial, so why not try it out and see how it can work for your family.

The app is available on Apple and Android devices, including tablets. There is a FREE 30-day trial and then the cost is $5.99 per month or $59.99 for a year.

Visit the WebSafety site for more information.