How I made $1,100 blogging last month - monthly income report for blog

This post contains affiliate links. That means I make a percentage from any sale made via the links, but it does not cost you a penny more. 

When I started blogging, the idea of making $1,000 in just one month was a bit of a dream that seemed out of reach. 

But this month just gone (October) I managed to earn more than $1,200 through blogging!

I’m so pleased with this and as we head into November, it looks like my traffic is on track to deliver me another good month. I hope I can maintain it!

But how did I manage it? I thought I would share with you all exactly how I’ve made money blogging this month. 

I am UK-based, but all my earnings come in dollars as my ad agency, YouTube and Amazon affiliate all calculate things in dollars. For that reason, I stuck to dollars rather than pounds in this post.

Where did my earnings come from?

First of all, where did all that money come from? Well the vast majority of it, in fact $1,050, came from MediaVine. 

If you have never heard of them, MediaVine put ads on websites. They are a growing agency and they are absolutely amazing to work with!

You need to have a minimum of 25,000 sessions in order to apply. Note, that’s session. Most people at 25,000 sessions will have roughly 30,000 page views. 

I qualified for MediaVine in May and have been steadily earning between $300 and $500 per month. 

This is fine, but I wanted an actual salary! My ultimate goal is to be making $2,000 per month from MediaVine alone. 

My other earnings came from YouTube advertising and Amazon affiliate sales. 

I also had a couple of sales through my Milkology affiliate programme membership. This one is great, as the commission is 50 per cent! So much better than Amazon. 

What’s my traffic?

Last month was my best ever for traffic. I hit 64,000 page views. I would love to be at 100,000 by the end of the year, but just maintaining that 64k would be amazing. 

The vast majority of this traffic comes from Pinterest, however I have also managed to more than double my Google traffic. 

I was getting around 60 hits per day from Google and I’m now getting 180 hits. I’m pleased with the direction that this is taking and want it to continue!

How did I do it?

So the big question now. How did I increase my traffic from Pinterest and Google?

In the last few months I’ve been trying new strategies and overhauling the way I use tools such as Tailwind in order to boost my traffic. 

Many bloggers will know there was a Pinterest algorithm change in September. A lot of people took a huge hit and lost a ton of traffic. I took a huge hit!

When your blog takes a hit like this, it can be easy to give up and feel disheartened. I decided to change up what I was doing. 

For a start I invested in the biggest Tailwind package (Tailwind Unlimited). This gave me unlimited submissions to Tribes and unlimited Tribes memberships. 

I decided this would be my best chance at getting bigger bloggers to repin my stuff. Having only 200 submissions per month just was nowhere enough for me. 

I currently make at least four new pins per day. Some days it’s more than that. 

These pins will mostly be for old content. I write new blog posts roughly three times a week, but if I’m having a good creative week it may be more than that. 

What’s my pinning strategy?

I took Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies course and it is so amazing. In addition, I try to keep up with the advice she dishes out totally free in her Blogging Like We Mean It Facebook group. 

As bloggers we need to be constantly reading up on new information, new tips and just testing out new strategies to see if they work for us. 

For me, Pinteresting Strategies showed me the basics of what I should be doing on my Pinterest profile, and how I should be pinning for maximum benefit. 

I used to get a new pin, then pin it to a board on Pinterest. Then I would repin that immediately to another three or four boards of my own, before then putting it into Tailwind and adding it to my schedule to be pinned to all my group boards (roughly 30 boards). 

Now I have almost completely ditched group boards!

I do occasionally use them in my Tailwind schedule, but I am totally focused on my own boards now. I’ve heard that group boards are proving to be less and less successful for people, and I would tend to agree they don’t seem to have the power they once did. 

So how do I pin now? When I have a new pin, I pin it once to my most relevant board on Pinterest. Then I add it to Tailwind Tribes and schedule it to be added to my other relevant boards with a five day interval between repins. 

I hoped that by doing it this way, Pinterest would not see my activity as spammy. 

I add four to five brand new pins per day. Some are for new blog posts, but most are for old posts. 

blogging tips

Updating old posts

When you’re trying to increase your blog traffic, it sometimes helps to go right back to basics. 

You’re never too experienced to learn something new, or check that you’ve got the groundwork correct. 

I often refer back to Elna Cain’s Ready Set Blog for Traffic course. This offers a step-by-step guide to writing blog posts and getting them out there on Pinterest. Elna runs several very successful blogs, she knows all about boosting traffic!

MediaVine offers a ton of advice to its partners which is amazing. 

One of the best pieces of advice was to go back to your best performing posts and give them a huge overhaul.

Add extra information, tidy up any broken links, make sure images are optimised and make sure it’s optimised for SEO. 

My SEO strategy at the moment is formed from a combination of advice from MediaVine and the gang at Income School. 

They run a course that I just cannot afford at the moment, but they give out loads of valuable information for free over on their YouTube channel. 

The biggest takeaway from Income School’s advice for me has been: Write valuable content that fully answers your audience’s question. 

Now when I write new posts I try my best to make then 2,000 words. That has to be 2,000 words of valuable, informative content. Not waffle. 

I don’t always hit that goal, but I get close. 

There are lots of other tips for SEO over on this post, so do check that out if you’re looking to up your Google traffic. 

One of the key things I’ve stopped doing is listening to Yeost. It does not mean you have good SEO if you get a green light!

Two of my best posts, which rank within the top three for their keywords on Google have red lights from Yeost!


I’m certain that upgrading my Tailwind package has helped to boost my traffic, as I’m able to use Tribes to get new content in front of bigger bloggers daily with no restrictions. 

I also think that ditching the group boards in favour of a strategy more focused on my own boards has really helped. 

I would like to continue building on my ad income, but I think it’s important to have other streams of income too. 

That’s why I’m posting more frequently to YouTube (three vids a week) so that I can try to grow my income from ads there. I also would like to hit 10k followers on Instagram and get more sponsored work, although it’a taken me two years to hit 5k so that might have to wait a while!

And the big goal for me is to get a product out there that I can add another stream of income. My book is so so close to being finished, and I really hope I can get it done by the end of the year!

With so many different things to focus on though, it’s tough to find time for everything and be a stay-at-home mum. I’m trying to juggle a whole lot of things. 

But now I’ve had a great October, I feel like I have a whole lot of motivation to keep pushing to meet my goals. 

I hope you found some good ideas for your own blogging strategy here. Any questions at all, just fire away in the comment or drop me an email.



How I made $1,200 blogging last month