When I launched my blog I had no idea what a passion it would become in such a short space of time.

I’ve been going for just over seven weeks now and I am still loving it just as much as after the first month blogiversary. I have a stack of ideas that I am itching to get going on and I have learned so much about blogging and social media.

I promised myself not to focus on the stats and I’m still not. I think if you’re doing this to get easy fame and fortune you’re going to be disappointed! I reckon the people who do make a living from this work incredibly hard seven days a week, and rarely, if ever, take a day off.

I understand why people do it as a career now. If you’re passionate about it, it is so much more rewarding. So I’m not focusing on the stats because all I’m doing is enjoying my hobby.

But I must admit I have been pleasantly surprised at how all the effort I have put in to my blog has paid off. Here’s a breakdown of my stats for June, compared to July:

Page views: 404
Visitors: 303

Page views: 2,266
Visitors: 1,559

So that’s an increase of more than 550 per cent. I was pretty pleased to see the results. Now these numbers are obviously small compared to other blogs, but Rome wasn’t built in a day and I think it’s a pretty good number for a second month.

One of the brilliant things about blogging is the amazing community that there is surrounding it. I’ve found some fantastic tips from other well-established bloggers and there is an incredible amount more information out there I’ve yet to have a chance to read.

So I thought I would follow their lead and explain what I’ve done this month to boost my traffic.


I believe content is king, or queen in my case! If you haven’t got anything to offer, why would people stop by your blog and then stay there?

I’ve been posting whenever I can find the time. With two kids to look after that hasn’t been easy. I often find myself writing a new blog post while up in the middle of the night feeding my baby. Otherwise I grab five minutes wherever I can in the day then spend a lot of time in the evenings writing. Like I said, you need to love it!

I’ve published 84 posts in my first seven and a bit weeks. Some days I have posted four times: the mood has just taken me and I’ve gone with it. Other days I’ve only done one, or none. But mostly, I post at least once a day.

But it’s not about volume. It’s about quality. Good spelling and grammar and, most importantly, engaging content. Write what you love and what you know about. That will speak to people the most.

When I don’t have any original images to use with a post I go to Pixabay, which has free pictures for download and hasn’t failed me yet!

Twitter (620 followers)

I use the free service from Social Oomph that lets you schedule tweets throughout the day and night so you’re always advertising your content.

On the days I tried to have tweets going every hour to two hours, I definitely had more traffic from Twitter. I tagged a couple of relevant organisations when I put out my blog about sexist clothing and this went on to get more than 1,300 impressions in a day and was my most viewed post. So think about hashtags and who you can try to encourage to join in the conversation. If you’ve written about a brand, place to visit or organisation, tag them.

It’s also important to get involved with other bloggers and people reading your blog. This shouldn’t just be done because you feel it’s a necessity, do it because you enjoy reading other people’s content! There are so many amazing blogs out there, I’ve learned loads! So reply to people’s tweets, share content you like (not just your own) and thank people who share your content.

Facebook (550 likes)

A tricky one to crack and I still haven’t managed to get much engagement on my actual page but it’s now my biggest driver of content.

After an initial bit of interest I found the only way to get followers for my page was to pay for advertising. A bummer, but you can set limits with Facebook and I’ve only spent about £15 to get the likes I now have. Some would argue buying likes is bad for business. The way I see it, Facebook doesn’t show people your page unless you put your money in your pocket. By getting this initial boost, I’m hopeful the word will spread.

Several of my posts have been shared a number of times and this has helped drive my traffic up.

I try to post on Facebook around three times a day. I do a mixture of promoting my own blog posts, funny quotes written by me, funny quotes found from elsewhere and links to other blogs or articles I find interesting for my target audience (fellow mums!).

Pinterest (1 follower, must try harder)

Despite my thoroughly disappointing following (lol) I get about one to four hits a day from Pinterest. Every hit counts right! I’m hoping this will be grower.

I had never used Pinterest before blogging and now I love it. Creating boards is like online shopping without the guilt of spending any money!

I create pinnable images like the one below using Canva. I was using Word Swag at the start but Canva has way more options. It’s also free.


These took me a while to get the hang of. They take up a bit of time, but they’re fun and get you hits and comments on your posts!

Each linky has its own rules but they pretty much all require you to comment on about four other posts in the linky. Sharing the blog love is a good thing!

The hosts will give you a retweet on Twitter too to all their followers so there’s more potential traffic from there too.

I like #fortheloveofBLOG, #coolmumclub, #bloggerclubuk, #fridayfrolics and #blogcrush.


I get pretty much zero traffic from here. But I find it great fun and it’s a good place to engage with other bloggers, mums and fellow human beings! It’s a nice extension of the things I’m writing about on the blog.


My site is hosted by WordPress and a handful of hits a day comes from other users of the site seeing my latest blog flagged up as well as my WordPress followers. I have about 21 followers here now!

So there you have it! It’s a lot of work but I’m not seeing it as that, it’s fun and it takes my mind of poopy nappies for a while every day.

I hope you found my tips useful! Please get in touch if you have any suggestions of your own.


How to increase blog traffic by 500 per cent in 4 weeks