Milly & Flynn Puzzle and Grow Treehouse review
The Milly & Flynn Treehouse Puzzle and Grow set was so much fun to make and now the girls are excitedly watching their seeds grow!

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With half term in full swing I’m relieved I had something up my sleeve to keep the kids entertained at home!

This is my first experience of half term, as Jessica just started school in September. 

I had heard all of the horror stories about boredom and squabbling siblings, so I wanted to make sure I had things to do at home, as well as plans for going out during the week. 

Milly & Flynn 3D Foam Puzzle sets review
Milly & Flynn 3D Foam Puzzles

So it was great timing to be a sent a few of Milly & Flynn’s amazing 3D kits to build and review. 

I was so excited to make these with the children, let alone the kids themselves when they laid eyes on the boxes!

The 3D Foam Puzzle Lion

We were sent two 3D Foam Puzzles – a lion and a panda – and a treehouse Puzzle and Grow set.

Milly & Flynn Puzzle and Grow Treehouse review
Milly & Flynn Puzzle and Grow treehouse

Both are for kids aged five and upwards, and I would say this is pitched pretty spot on. Jessica did need a bit of help from me following the instructions and putting everything together, but she was so engaged with the entire process it was lovely to watch. 

Treehouse Puzzle and Grow Set

Using a tool included with the set, you carefully remove the pieces from the sheets of card

I absolutely love this kit, because once you have constructed your treehouse, there’s more fun to be had with the nurturing and growing of the cress in the treehouse “garden”. 

Milly & Flynn Puzzle and Grow
Pushing out all of the pieces ready for construction

The treehouse comes in pieces that first need to be pushed out of sheets of card with a special tool that’s included with the set. 

Milly & Flynn Puzzle and grow treehouse kit
The slots and pieces are all numbered so you simply match the correct slot with the correct piece

Then the pieces slot together according to numbers, which is a fantastic way to teach a bit of numeracy to your child while keeping things fun!

The instructions were extremely simple to follow and my daughter was engaged in the process throughout. 

The pieces are made from card, but it’s pretty thick so you would need to be pretty rough with it to rip any of the pieces. 

Milly & Flynn Puzzle and Grow treehouse set review
We planted our seeds on top of cotton wool but you can use soil. This brings the garden to life in such a special way!

We loved all of the details in the treehouse and its garden, including the little animals and farmer in the garden. 

Once the building of the treehouse is done, it’s time to plant the garden! The kit comes with two tiny packets of seeds. 

Milly & Flynn puzzle and grow kit
Planting our seeds

You just need to add some cotton wool or soil to let them grow (note, these are not included in the kit so you’ll need some to hand). 

There’s even a small bottle that you fill with water to water the garden. 

I thought this was a really magical way to bring the set to life and really spark the girls’ imagination! They were so excited to see the garden grow. 

The instructions with the set are very clear and easy to follow

The kits also come in a windmill or a farm version. It’s certainly something I would buy as I felt it was a great mixture of fun and really engaging for the imagination. 

The packs cost £12.99 each which I think is a good price. 

3D Foam Puzzle

The 3D Foam Puzzles are a wonderful way to encourage hand-eye coordination and creativity!

Milly & Flynn 3D foam puzzle construction

Using foam pieces and the instruction, we had to piece together the panda and lion one bit at a time. 

Milly & Flynn panda 3D foam puzzle

It all comes together pretty easily, and the pieces feel very sturdy so there’s not much worry of ripping them apart. 

Milly & Flynn lion 3D foam puzzle

The instructions were clear and my daughter really loved following the stages one at a time. 

Milly & Flynn 3D foam puzzle panda

The kits took around 40 minutes to make. I think this would take longer if you left your child to do it completely alone but my daughter is still needing a bit of help to follow instructions like this. 

Milly& Flynn 3D Foam Puzzle Panda

The end result is really cool, and it’s so clever to see how the pieces slotted together to create the animals. 

Milly & Flynn 3D Foam Puzzle Lion

The foam sets cost £7.99 and the animals are fab to collect, with a giraffe, elephant and crocodile also available in the range.

Our verdict

If you’re looking for a way to entertain your kids at home during a rainy day, then these lovely kits from Milly & Flynn are just perfect!

They engaged my kids straight away, as they are a bit different to anything we had tried before. 

The instructions are very easy to follow and the end result is something your child can keep and appreciate even after they have finished constructing them!

I thoroughly recommend these as a gift for a birthday or Christmas too!

We were gifted these items in exchange for an honest review.