Snowman and reindeer 3D personalised stockings

Christmas is coming! Beautiful personalised 3D stockings from The Christmas Cart

Now that I have two children, Christmas has taken on a whole new meaning for me.

Last year I was just a couple of weeks post-delivery with my youngest and I wasn’t really feeling up to celebrating. I also spent most of Christmas Day breastfeeding on the sofa so it was a bit tricky.

This year she’s going to be one and I know she’ll appreciate the day so much, plus my toddler is really into all things festive now.

I want to start encouraging Christmas traditions early, as those are the things I treasure the most from my own childhood. We would always have a stocking to open in the morning and I remember being so excited to see the little bits and pieces my mum had picked out for me.

So to get this tradition off to a good start, we needed the perfect Christmas stockings for each of my kids. These gorgeous personalised ones from The Christmas Cart fit the bill perfectly.

These will be a beautiful sight on Christmas morning when they’re full of treats!

Just look at the beautiful sparkling gold stitching that spells out the children’s names, which I think will make them treasure these even more.

Excited for Christmas already!

The big looping letters are so eye-catching, they will not only appeal to the kids but also make lovely decorations for our home!

The cute 3D characters that appear to burst out of the stocking are so much fun. I picked the reindeer for my toddler and the snowman – love that carrot nose! – for my baby. I love how the designs are different but they sit side-by-side really nicely and compliment each other. If I ever realise the dream of having a working fireplace in my next home then these will be hung there every year without fail.

My toddler loves the stockings and seeing them has got her really excited for Christmas

I also love the use of colour here, with bold reds, white and greens – coupled with the gold lettering these just shout out “Merry Christmas” to me!

They’re perfect for engaging young children and getting them excited about what might be inside.

The Christmas Cart has lots of other beautiful choices of stockings and sacks on their website. It’s so hard to choose favourites, but I’m delighted with what we chose in the end. There’s something for everyone on there, from babies to children to adults!

The Christmas Cart also produces some beautiful personalised baubles and other decorations – it’s your one-stop shop for bringing festive cheer to your home!

You can tell these stockings have been made with such love and care, I’m sure we will be enjoying these stockings for many years to come!

So now the next question is, what do I fill these stunning stockings with for Christmas morning?

Stocking fillers for babies and toddlers are such fun things to buy. There’s loads of little goodies you can pick up for not much money for kids.

I actually think opening lots of little presents is just as, if not more fun, then tearing into the big ones.

So in case you’re stuck with ideas for what to fill your baby or toddler’s Christmas stockings with this year, here are a few ideas:

  • Socks featuring their favourite cartoon character
  • Small pack of pens or crayons
  • Small cuddly toy
  • Toy car
  • A personalised Christmas top
  • A small Christmas book
  • Christmas stickers
  • A hat with reindeer antlers on or a Santa hat
  • A Christmas rattle shaped like a snowman or Santa

The personalised 3D reindeer and snowman stockings cost £17.95 each.

Check out these beautiful Christmas stockings and more beautiful decorations and sacks by visiting The Christmas Cart.