Hubby has always been a Dolmio Bolognese sauce fan. However when I perfected my homemade version he soon switched allegiances. Now we only have the jar when we’re both completely wiped out and looking for an easy option.

This easy version is in my opinion better for your family as there is no added sugar and very very little salt. It’s suitable for toddlers and can be mashed up for babies.

I use my Kenwood Mini Chopper (one of my best kitchen gadgets) to chop the onion and carrot so finely that it just melts into the sauce. You can always just dice it up by hand.


Makes enough for 4 adults

500g mince beef
One tablespoon olive oil
One small onion diced finely
One carrot diced into small cubes
Jar of passata (low or no salt version) or tin chopped tomatoes
Tablespoon of dried mixed herbs such as thyme, rosemary and oregano
One Kallo Low Salt beef stock cube
Splash of Worcestershire sauce

Heat the olive oil over a medium to high heat. Fry the beef mince until browned.

Add the carrot and onion and stir to mix with the beef. Add the beef stock cube.

Cook for about 5 minutes.

Add the passata, dried herbs and splash of Worcestershire sauce.

Bring to the boil then lower the heat and simmer for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile cook your spaghetti.