Since having kids I’ve been totally converted to the concept of staycations.

The UK has so many amazing cities, villages, beaches and beautiful countryside to explore – and getting there is so much less stressful, and expensive, than 10 hours on a plane.

Among the places to go on my wish list is Bristol. This city is a just over an hour down the M4 for us and there’s so much in and around it for families to do.

As I’ve been researching deals on top attractions in Bristol, I thought  I would share with you some of the family-friendly things I’ve discovered to do with the kids! Plus thanks to Groupon there are deals for loads of family-friendly attractions, so you’re spoilt for choice!

Bristol Zoo

My two love exploring their local farm, but any chance to see something more exotic and they are so excited!

Aerospace Bristol

A chance for the kids to see huge planes up close and have a little lesson about the history of Britain’s aerospace industry.

We The Curious

When something is both educational and fun, I am totally in support of it! This centre educates kids about science with lots of hands-on experiments and exhibits so that they can see for themselves how things work.

Bristol Aquarium

There’s something so relaxing about wondering around an aquarium. This one is in the harbourside area, which is a lovely location in itself.

The centrepiece of the aquarium is the coral seas display, where visitors can enjoy the closest of undersea encounters in an underwater walk-through tunnel through the reef, from inside a glass cavern and via bubble window viewing points.

More than forty other displays reveal the sheer variety of life in the deep, from crabs and lobsters to piranhas and archer fish.

Bristol Museum

We first visited her pre-kids many years ago when Banksy had an exhibition where he took over most of the exhibits. It was absolutely amazing!

I would love to take the kids there now and check out exhibits such as the Egyptology display.

Wild Place Project

Visitors to Wild Place Project can explore the world of wildlife in one place! Discover Madagascar is home to several mischievous lemurs, the Edge of Africa has zebras and eland roaming in the grassland, plus there are okapi and cheeky red river hogs in the Secret Congo. Kids can also pay a visit to the striking grey wolves of Europe.

Wild Place Project is home to the world’s fastest land mammal. The cheetahs, all young males, are living in the new immersive Mahali Pori National Park exhibit.  Their home boasts exciting features such as a lure carrying food, which the cheetahs will chase, showing their full running speed of 0 to 60mph in only three seconds.

Do you have any top picks for what to do in Bristol? Let me know!