I never gave too much thought to cars until we had our first child.

It’s kind of like how I feel about our house. When it was just the two of us, it felt like we had all the space in the world.

Now we are a family of four, there is nowhere near enough space and we need to double the size of what we have immediately.

With the car there are several challenges we now face. When we take the kids out and about the buggy takes up pretty much all of the space in the boot. This means that there’s not much space for luggage if we want to drive somewhere on holiday. There’s not even enough space if we end up with a huge haul of groceries from the supermarket.

So we all feel a bit cramped in the car.

This is why we’ve been talking about what our next car should be.

When it comes to the make and model, I am completely open-minded.

I’m not an expert at cars, I just know what I like. So whether it be a Ford, an Audi, a Ferrari (ha, I wish), I’m totally open as long as it ticks a few boxes for me.

These are the things my dream car would have:

Comfy seats

Heated seats are a bonus as well! I would love being able to sit in the same seat on a long road trip for our next holiday and not be left a dozen cricks in my back as a result.

Silent engine

I hate roaring engines, the ones that kids doing donuts in the car park at midnight just love to make the most of. I love it when you start and engine and it gives just a low rumble.

However, there is of course something to be said for the noise an engine gives off when it comes to getting your child to nod off in the car. It’s the most effective kind of white noise.

Leg room

Being able to stretch your legs out no matter what seat of the car you are in would be a huge tick in the box for me.

With the car seats in the back of our current car, we can’t push the front seats very far back. My toddler’s feet are also forever kicking the driver’s side seat.

We all need a little more space if we’re going to be stuck in such confined quarters together.

A huge boot

With all the buggies, bags and toys that come with having children, having a huge boot is an absolute essential.

I’ve become quite the master at squeezing the stuff we need to take with us into spaces behind the seats and in door pockets.

What I need is a boot that’s built like a Tardis. I don’t want it to take over the entire

A bit of style

Let’s face it, some practical, family cars are just boring. They’re made to be spacious, safe and reliable. All of those qualities are great, but I didn’t stop enjoying getting dressed up just because I had kids and I haven’t stopped wanting a car that looks good too.

Call me shallow if you want, but if I have the budget to do it, I want a car that is a family car on the inside, but says I’m still a grown-up on the outside.

What would be your dream car? What things do you need your vehicle to have now that you’ve had children?