My days are pretty hum-drum affairs but I’ve always got a tune in the back of my head even when the s**t hits the fan.

We’ve all got a soundtrack to our lives but these days I’m going back to the 90s when things get tough. There’s something about that decade. The music was so cheesy, and yet so relatable.

It was a more innocent time, when singers didn’t put their assets on display to quite such a degree and the lyrics were to the point.

Here’s my day in music:


It’s Not Right by Whitney Houston

It’s 5am. This is not an acceptable time to wake up, at all. It’s not right. But I suppose it is OK, because my baby smiles happily when I arrive in her room, with her milk, and my toddler tells me a silly story that makes me laugh. I’m gonna make it anyway!


All I Wanna Do by Sheryl Crow

My toddler is raring to go. She wants to get out of the house five minutes ago, but we’ve still got other things to do.

She just wants to have some fun. Not sure Sheryl Crow was talking about the same kind of fun in her song. I assure you I don’t take my kids on bar crawls. Not every day anyway.


Firestarter by Prodigy


Let the carnage begin. Lego bricks strewn everywhere, sibling fights breaking out and tantrums.


Hard Knock Life by Jay Z

My toddler is always demanding an extra portion if it’s something she likes eating, or she just nicks my food from my plate. Basically it’s like living with the orphan Oliver.

I hum this song to myself with more than a hint of sarcasm. From the meltdowns she has when she doesn’t get what she wants you would think that we never feed her!


Mmmbop by Hanson

There are moments where everyone is playing nicely together, there’s loads of laughter and smiles. It’s lovely and makes all the other stuff so worth it.

I listened to this song about a million times when it came out, I loved it. It’s such a happy, upbeat tune.

When You Say Nothing At All by Ronan Keating

What happens when a toddler says nothing at all? It normally means they’re up to no good. Find them immediately!

Paw Patrol is switched off

Tragedy by Steps

You would think I had just told her I was confiscating all of her toys forever and banishing her to the garage. She’s watched Paw Patrol for an hour, and yet it’s never enough.

I can’t help but have this catchy song in my head as I roll my eyes at her dramatic reaction, because she acts so hard done by! The only real tragedy here is how I can still remember the dance moves to this song.


I Want It That Way by The Backstreet Boys


Toddlers don’t want a bath, they don’t want a story, they don’t want to get in bed. They just want it their way! The problem is, most of the time they don’t even know what they want and they will change their mind multiple times. They also try to waste time by asking “why” after everything you say.

It’s as confusing as trying to figure out what the Backstreet Boys meant by “that way”.

Night night

Everything I Do (I Do it For You) by Bryan Adams

This is the part of the day where everyone has calmed down and they are surrendering to the sleepiness. It’s where I whisper words of love and sweet dreams as I tuck them into bed. These two little beauties are my whole world.

My evening

All That She Wants by Ace of Bass

As I reflect on our busy day and have a look through the photos I’ve snapped as well, I get all sentimental about how lovely the kids are. It’s easy to relax and forget about the silly tantrums, lengthy bouts of crying and meal refusal when it’s finally peaceful.

It’s in these moments of peace, when I know we have the evening all to ourselves that I think “why not, why don’t we have another baby?”

Sure the lack of sleep is hard, but once you get through the hard newborn bit it’s not so bad, right? I revert to “no f**king way” by the next morning.

Early night

Livin La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin

Check me out and my crazy, crazy life. In bed by 9pm with a book rounds off my totally insane day.

I would never advocate taking your clothes off and dancing in the rain though, you’ll just catch a cold.

The night shift

Ironic by Alanis Morrisette


It’s the witching hour when you used to be up necking tequila shots in the newest bar in town but now you’re up because a screaming baby needs you. Fifteen years ago the last thing you wanted was to go to bed, now it’s all you want to do.

Ironic? Hell, yeah!

Do you have a song that sums up your life or a particularly trying day? I would love to hear about the soundtrack to your life!