Rewind four years ago and shopping was all about what would look great on that night out, that day at Royal Ascot or that wedding.

Then it morphed to what would make my bump look great. With so many maternity clothes to choose from that are not only stylish but really comfy too, I found it very hard to resist buying more. I had to keep reminding myself I’m only going to be pregnant for nine months!

And then we moved to where we are now. The baby clothes obsession. I cannot resist buying cute things for my children to wear.

It’s so hard not to go crazy in shops like JoJo Maman Bebe, Next, John Lewis, Mothercare, Joules and Gap. Then you have the plethora of online brands to try and resist! I love the Tobias and the Bear leggings, they are gorgeous in the baby size. But this clever company has finally catered for mum sizes too!

Tobias and the Bear leggings

Tobias and the Bear Call Me Fox Leggings

We’ve all looked at cute baby outfits and sighed “I wish this was in my size”. Well, Tobias and the Bear have answered our prayers and sometimes have a limited release of their Call Me Fox leggings in adult sizes. I am patiently (*hits refresh) waiting for them to be back in stock one day.

Their other patterned leggings come in an array of exciting prints. Plus they just released a Mr Men collection, who doesn’t love the Mr Men?!

But I am on maternity leave and my statutory pay will end next month which means I face three months of no money coming in. So I need to curb my spending habits pronto. I received some birthday money this week and I’m actually thinking about spending it on clothes for my kids instead of me!

Even though I had sacks of my eldest daughter’s old clothes to use for my baby, I still have ended up buying the odd new thing.

It’s hard to resist being led into temptation by the racks of little dungarees and babygrows with funny little slogans on.

I can’t just go cold turkey, the kids are growing all the time after all. They need new clothes every five minutes.

I thought maybe writing about it will help ease the temptation? Or maybe it will make it worse? Either way, it’s on my mind so I thought I would share what’s caught my eye recently with folk who may have a few more bob than myself to give you a bit of shopping inspiration!

Gap trainers for toddlers

Gap trainers

How awesome are these trainers? I love the metallic colour and the little zips on the side. My toddler would love how shiny they are.

denim jacket from Gap in my toddler shopping wish list

Denim jacket from Gap

While we’re at Gap, I think this denim jacket is seriously cute. Plus it would go great with the trainers and this little playsuit below.

Gap romper in my toddler clothes wish list

Patterned romper from Gap.

I was browsing the autumn collections and saw this cool little outfit from Joules. I adore their prints and slogan tees.


Pinafore dress from Joules

The babygrows from Joules also make use of the lovely prints. I like this super cheerful one.


Joules Razzmatazz sleepsuit

This cardigan from Marks & Spencer must be a best-seller as they have it every year.


Knitted cardigan from Marks

It comes in lots of different colours and is so cozy. The little bear ears are a nice touch!

I have way more on my shopping wish list over at my Pinterest page. Please send any suggestions my way too! Which brands of children’s clothing do you love?


Confessions of a baby clothes shopaholic