It’s felt like spring has been just around the corner for months on end.

I hate complaining about the weather. It’s one of those things that you have zero control over, so why fight it?

However the recent snow has got me a bit fed up. The problem with snow and sub-zero winds when you have kids is, it kind of just holds you captive in your home.

My youngest gets terribly red cheeks when she’s been out in the cold for too long, and my eldest starts to complain of being too cold within about five minutes.

Flowers, lambs, bank holidays and, most importantly, sun. These are the things that make me love spring and why I can’t wait for it to arrive!

Here are some of the things we will be enjoying when spring arrives:

Spring clothes

My favourite wardrobe of all is the spring wardrobe! I find summery clothes are all about keeping cool, whereas in spring you can be way more versatile with outfits.

Dresses with chunky knit cardigans, skirts, and cropped trousers. And let’s not forget sandals, so much easier to slip on than clunky boots.

I can’t wait for my girls to be in their spring wardrobes either. We were recently sent some beautiful clothes by Little Pancakes.

This dress was worn by my eldest daughter to a birthday party recently. That watermelon pocket is the cutest and I love the shade of blue. I’ve got lots of tops we can put under this one too.

I picked out this pretty frilly top for my youngest and some sweet little trousers. They’re super soft and perfect for crawling in, I just love the print.


When the sun finally comes out I will be basking in it immediately! It’s also the perfect excuse for ice cream.

Plus it means being able to turn the heating off at long last.


Lots of outdoor places for kids don’t open until March. I’m looking forward to getting the kids out and about to country parks, play farms and new National Trust properties.

We will definitely be searching for some bluebells too!


I have some very exciting weddings coming up this year, with my older brother tying the knot in May. I’m really looking forward to partying with family and seeing my two girls enjoy playing with their cousins.

Making new friends

We live really close to the river so it’s the perfect spot for seeing the little ducklings, goslings and cygnets.

They grow so fast so it’s lovely to take along the river every day to watch them getting bigger. They’re seriously cute!

What are you looking forward to this spring?