Clarks school shoes for girls

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Choosing the best school shoes for your child is both an exciting and important part of preparing to go back to school. 

Those first school shoes will carry your child through rainy to sunny days, and from playing hopscotch with their friends to messy art sessions in the classroom. 

Clarks Venture Star School shoes

It’s important that they are comfortable, durable and, of course, affordable. It’s a balancing act to get shoes that will keep your child’s feet happy and provide good value for money. 

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While kids everywhere are on the “back to school” countdown, for us its the “first ever day of school” countdown!

I wanted to make sure we got the very best shoes that will look after Jessica’s feet, so that all I have to worry about is getting through those first day at school parental pangs!

Having never picked out school shoes before, I was keen to get it right and so was thrilled when Clarks got in touch offering to send a pair of shoes for Jessica. 

The Clarks Back To School range of shoes is just gorgeous! There’s a huge range of designs and styles for your child to choose from. 

Girls Venture Star school shoes

The girls selection has a lovely mixture of lace-ups, buckles and velcro strap styles of shoe, so that you can pick the best options for your child. 

It was a tough decision, but we just had to choose the Venture Star black leather shoe. It features a lovely bow plus has easy to fasten velcro straps which I know she will be able to do all by herself with no problems. 

Back To School shoes Clarks

The robust sole is both flexible and durable, with great grip, so I know she will stand a better chance of staying on her feet during playground games. 

Inside the shoes have Agion linings, which help to keep feet fresh. This is a must considering all of the running and physical activity kids get up to at school. 

Girls plimsolls from Clarks

Clarks also offer beautiful, affordable plimsolls for PE. At just £10, they are perfect for muddy school sports days and lessons. Plus they are super easy to pop on and off again. 

Girls Venture Star school shoes

If you are looking to buy your child’s shoes to get them Back To School in style, follow these top tips: 

Get your child’s feet measured

Clarks offer a free in-store fitting service. It’s well worth doing this as then you can feel confident that you are getting the correct size for your child. 

It’s also well worth making an appointment in advance for this service, so that you won’t be waiting around with your little ones for too long!

If you would prefer to measure yourself and order online, you can buy your own foot measuring gauge from the Clarks website.

Staff at Clarks will advise you on the best fit for your child, including whether they need wide, narrow or standard fit, and help you pick out the best shoes for your child to get off to school with a great head start. 

You can book a fitting in advance at the Clarks website. 

Check the shoes fit

Once your child is wearing the shoes, feel them to see if they are a good fit for their foot. Do this even if the shoes are the correct size for your child. 

Feel along the width and top of the shoe to see if they are not too tight across your child’s foot, or too lose. 

Next feel the tips of the shoes to figure out where your child’s toes are. There’s needs to be a little bit of growing room there, as your child will grow quickly, but not too much. 

Encourage your child to walk 

Once you are sure the shoes are a good fit, get your child to walk up and down the room a few times. 

Make sure they are walking naturally. Check the shoes are not slipping off and ask your child if they feel comfortable. 

Let your child practice putting their school shoes on

You can help your child put their school shoes on at home, but they will be slipping them on and off at school, so they need to know how to put them on without any help.

Get your child to practice putting on the shoes before you commit to buying them. A young child will probably struggle more with a buckle than slip-on or velcro fasten shoes. 

Hopefully these tips will give you all of the information you need to make a good decision for your child’s school shoes!

We are so pleased with Jessica’s Clarks shoes and cannot wait to see her skip off to her first day of school wearing them. 

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