This is the kind of book that you devour with earnest, wipe away a tear and then immediately pass on to a friend who you know will love it too.

The books I’ve been reading lately have been a tad heavy with the subject matter, which is totally great of course, but sometimes you want a heartwarming romance to curl up with. 

One Day in December had everything I look for in a gorgeous love story, and more. 

This isn’t just a story of love between a man and a woman who you are just desperate will get together, it’s also the story of love between two friends. 

When Laurie, or Lu as she’s affectionately known, locks eyes with a beautiful stranger while looking out of the window of a bus she falls in love immediately. Trouble is, the bus pulls away before they get the chance to speak to each other. 

She spends a year desperately searching for “bus boy” as she calls him, but with no luck. Just as she’s given up hope, “bus boy” comes back into her life. The trouble is, Jack’s got a girlfriend, and it’s her best friend Sarah. 

With her heart in pieces, Laurie must try to move on while witnessing Sarah and Jack’s own love story unfold in front of her. 

She loves Jack, but she loves Sarah too. She’s her partner in crime, her right-hand woman, her sister from another mister, and she would do anything to not see her hurt. 

So Laurie tries to put Jack out of her mind and move on with her life. 

The book begins in 2008 and then moves through the next 10 years in diary format. It catches up with our characters at random points of the year. Most of it is told from Laurie’s point of view but we also get to hear from Jack, who is just as tortured as Laurie by the situation. 

Lu is an absolutely fantastic heroine. She’s funny, fiercely loyal and a bit lost. As she struggles through her 20s trying to find her dream job and forget her dream man, you’re right there with her through all of it, rooting for her to get her happy ever after. 

Sarah might be a secondary character to Lu, but I absolutely adored her too. She’s full of life, glamorous but a fantastic friend. Reading her story unfold was just as riveting. 

There are twists and turns aplenty, plus a lot of teary moments, but this absolute beauty of a book is a thoroughly uplifting read. Sweet, charming and utterly hilarious. 

It’s hard to put into words that explain just how much I loved this story, so I will simply finish by telling you that I read it in less than 24 hours. Read it, you won’t be disappointed!

I was gifted this book as part of the Mumsnet Book Club. All opinions are my own.