With Christmas approaching faster than a speeding Santa on his sleigh, I’m excited but a little nervous.

We’re hosting again this year and it seems like there’s so very much to do!

But I don’t want to zap the kids’ enthusiasm for the festive season away with my to do list drama and gift hunt meltdown. 

So there’s a balance to be made between dragging the kids from shop to shop and making sure they enjoy the build-up to Christmas as much as possible. 

That’s why it’s a good thing then that we’ve been trying out the Sky Kids app over the last few weeks. I posted all about our early thoughts on this fun app a little while ago. 

This brilliant app is packed with fun games and top TV shows providing a whole world of entertainment for your little ones. 

What I love about the Sky Kids app is how very easy it is for kids to get to grips with, while also featuring parental controls that mean you have final say on what they are watching and for how long. 

My three-year-old easily navigates her way around the app now, with its large icons displaying all her fave cartoon heroes! 

With more than 5,000 on demand TV episodes including loads off favourites such as Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol, the only tough thing is deciding what to actually watch. 

It’s even introduced her to new shows she hadn’t tried before, like Hey Duggee which she now loves. 

I’ve been using the Sky Kids app to give me a bit of extra time here and there to get on with chores around the house. 

The kids helped us to get the Christmas tree decorated but I needed them distracted for a while so I could hang the trickier decorations on the staircase and in hard-to-reach places. 

The Sky Kids app lets you set what type of content you are happy with your child having available to them. You can also set time limits on it, so the app powers down at 7pm when it’s time for bed or won’t start up until 11am when you’re happy for them to have a bit of screen time. 

It’s brilliant to have this kind of peace of mind when I have so very much to do! Since my last post, the Sky Kids app has won the coveted Mumsnet Rated status, with 97 per cent of people who tried it out saying they would recommend it. 

The Sky Kids app means the children can relax and enjoy the exciting build-up to Christmas while I’m dashing around making sure everything is just right for the big day. 

And I know I don’t have to worry about them stumbling across any inappropriate games or programmes while I’m busy doing something else. 

That means I can make sure we have a Christmas to remember, and the kids will think it all happened as if by magic!

If you fancy giving the Sky Kids app a go for your family this holiday season, you can download and use it for free as a Sky TV customer!

If you’re looking to sprinkle even more festive magic on your Christmas, then why not visit the ice rink at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. Sky Kids is sponsoring the ice rink at Winter Wonderland this year! No one likes queuing with kids – so with iPads in the queueing area, mums and dads can entertain their little ones with the Sky Kids app while they wait to skate with festive games, quizzes and their favourite shows.

This is a collaborative post.