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Watching my little explorers grow and discover new things is heartwarming (if a little exhausting) – but it also keeps me on my toes when it comes to keeping them safe. 

While they get a lot of adventure in the great outdoors, we spend most of our time learning new things at home, so it’s important to me that I create a safe environment for them to play in. 

One of the main hazards in our house is the laundry and cleaning products, including PODS, also known as liquid laundry packets which are a godsend when it comes to putting a quick load of washing on but need to be stored properly. They cause injury if they are eaten or bitten. 

I’ve recently been decluttering and organising our home, which has been a hugely cathartic and very useful process. 

As part of it, I’ve looked at where I keep my laundry and cleaning products. Not only have I got everything ordered into lovely boxes (Marie Kondo would be proud), but I’ve also stored all chemicals in high cupboards, in the utility room which I can close for added peace of mind. 

It’s great timing then that I’ve been working with Fairy to share some key tips for keeping children safe when it comes to household laundry and cleaning products. 

I was sent this fab pack of Fairy Non-Bio PODS to try out with its handy dual-lock mechanism that your little explorers won’t be able to open. 

Here are some key tips for child-proofing your home, especially when it comes to storing cleaning products. 

1. Keep all chemicals up high

Of course you can buy cupboard locks and clips, but I’ve always preferred to keep all laundry, washing and cleaning chemicals up high. 

This means I don’t have to worry about forgetting to lock the cupboards. It’s still a good idea to keep a safety lock, even on a high cupboard, to ensure no little explorers can open them. 

I know that the cupboard under the sink is the obvious place to keep your cleaning products, but there’s no law that says it has to be there.

I now use the cupboard under the sink for things like my sponges, cloths, tea towels and kitchen foil. I know if the kids go in there, the worst thing they will do is make a mess!

2. Choose products that close securely

By following the first tip I’m keeping cleaning products out of my children’s reach. However it’s also extremely reassuring to have products that close securely and can only be opened by grown-ups. 

The new Fairy Non-Bio PODS packaging features a dual-lock system that requires co-ordinated movement to get it open. This is easy for mama to master, but not something your baby or toddler will manage. 

3. Follow the guidance on packaging 

Keep an eye out for the yellow labels on packaging which offer guidance on where to store your laundry and cleaning products, as well as a reminder on how to close them securely. 

When closing the Fairy Non-Bio PODS packaging, the trick is to listen out for the click. Then you know the box is secure and the only hands that will be delving inside are your own. 

Here’s a helpful video about the Fairy PODS packaging: 

4. Don’t involve your kids in cleaning

When I’m cleaning or putting on laundry, I keep my kids well away from what I’m doing. Once my children have seen me doing something, like applying make-up, they immediately try to copy. I don’t want them fiddling around in the washing machine or thinking it’s a game for them to play. 

I’ll distract them with toys in the adjacent room, or give them their own little jobs to help out that don’t involve anything that could pose a danger. This may include giving them a little broom to sweep the floor or asking them to organise their toys while I do the grown-up jobs. 

5. Think like your kid

My two girls are learning new things all of the time. It’s impressive how quickly they develop new skills!

I try to re-evaluate safety around the home all of the time, because I need to stay two steps ahead of the kids as they come up with new ways to outsmart me! 

If they have started using something to climb onto higher surfaces, I’ll either remove that item from the room or use something to block their path. 

If they have taken a special interest in a part of the house I don’t feel is safe, such as the utility room where our washing machine is, I will keep the door to that room closed at all times. 

I hope these tips are useful and help you to organise your own cleaning cupboards and routine in a way that ensures your little explorers are safe, and you have peace of mind!

Don’t forget to spread the word to fellow parents and grandparents too!

There is lots more amazing advice on the Keep Caps from Kids website, including what to do in case of an emergency. Do check it out!

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Fairy.