The baby years pass by in a flash and before you know it your little one is a walking, talking toddler.

It’s funny how much focus and attention to detail you put into organising and designing your baby’s nursery but when they become a toddler it’s easy to forget to refresh the decor.

While we might want our kids to stay tiny forever, the fact is they do grow up. My toddler hates being called little and if we ever refer to her as a “little girl” then she quickly reminds us “I’m a big girl”.

So it’s only right that a big girl has a big girl bedroom. Here are some top tips for turning your nursery into a toddler bedroom:


Your light shades, lamps and night lights are probably all geared up around a baby theme.

Start here by picking out something fun (they’re not grown-ups yet) but not covered in rattles or fluffy sheep.

There are some lovely choices on offer at Lights.

Refresh the artwork

Have a look at the pictures and decals you have on the walls.

Ditch anything that’s baby themed or that you feel like replacing. There’s no harm in putting things into storage for a while.

Why not ask your toddler what they would like to hang on the walls. If it’s their favourite cartoon, find a poster and frame it. Let them put a personal stamp on their room.

If your toddler has been producing artwork that you’re unsure what to do with, why not hang a few of their favourites on the wall. You can find simple hanging frames online that let you change the picture regularly. Notonthehighstreet does a fab one.

Print recent photographs

Use this as an opportunity to print out some of your latest pictures and display them.

Create a collage or get a couple of canvas prints done.

Clear out old toys

Decluttering is hard to do when you have small children around, so why not take this opportunity to ditch some of the baby toys.

I find that if your toddler is present for this they will insist on keeping everything. So it’s definitely best to do it when they’re at nursery or out for a walk with dad.

Upgrade the bedding

Whether you pick out a Paw Patrol bed spread or a beautiful duvet cover featuring all the colours of the rainbow, finding something new will change the look of the room immediately.

What are your top tips for transforming a nursery into a bedroom for a toddler? What theme did you go for?