Lottie dolls review and giveaway

Sirius the pony, Forest Friends Lottie and Muddy Puddles Lottie

I don’t think kids are ever too young to hear the message that it’s ok to be you.

As a mum of two girls I’m so keen for my little ones to grow up with a strong sense of self-esteem. I want them to be proud of who they are, whatever that turns out to be.

When I was growing up dolls for girls were very much about high heels, bikinis, fashion and make-up. Yes you had the odd horse-riding doll, but there just wasn’t enough dolls that were just about the fun of being young.

I very much think kids should enjoy being kids. I think little ones do their best learning when they’re allowed to explore and have fun at the right pace.

Toys should be relatable for young girls and help them to unlock the power of their imagination.

There are so many pressures bearing down on young girls and boys growing up today. Social media, magazines, online celebrity news and even toys can send negative messages to our kids.

They’re under pressure to be cool, be thin, look pretty, dress older than they are and to spend far too much time locked in front of a screen.

I want my kids to be exposed to as many positive messages as possible. And most of all, to just enjoy being young! Childhood passes in the blink of an eye, after all.

That’s why I love the philosophy behind the Lottie range of dolls and accessories. The gorgeous packaging proudly declares “be bold, be brave, be you”.

This comes from the brand’s vision statement:

“We recognise how precious childhood is. And in the face of growing pressure – from a variety of sources – how short it can be. We dream of a safe and uncomplicated place where kids can be kids, where the great outdoors is there for the exploring, where curiosity-led discoveries are a daily occurrence, where the imagination can run wild and where the only limit is bedtime. Our vision, when we first created Lottie, was to develop a range of dolls that would empower children to be them-selves, to be imaginative and adventurous and – most of all – to have fun. We believe that childhood should be an inclusive place where every child belongs regardless of gender, ethnicity or ability. And we’ve made it our mission to do our bit – no matter how small – to protect childhood.”

And so with that in mind I was so thrilled to be sent some Lottie products for review.

We were sent Muddy Puddles Lottie Doll, Forest Friend Lottie Doll and Sirius the Mountain Pony.

Lottie dolls and pony

Lottie dolls fit right in to garden playtime

There is such a fantastic range of dolls and accessories on offer, and what’s brilliant is most of them were designed by kids. The perfect team of toy designers!

You can also buy additional outfits and kits, such as a Brownie Campfire Fun Playset and Biscuit the Beagle Dog Accessory, which would be a hit with any animals lovers.

As well as the Lottie dolls, there is also a range of boy dolls called Finn and Sammi. I love the reporter doll with his little notebook.

From the second my little girl caught sight of the bright packaging and dolls in their fun clothes she was itching to start playtime with Lottie.

Her favourite thing to do with them for the first few days was to endlessly take off and put back on their clothes. She would take off Muddy Puddles Lottie’s wellies then declare: “This little girl needs her welly boots on.”

Muddy Puddles Lottie doll

Lottie’s wellies and yellow rain coat are really pretty – the attention to detail is fabulous

Muddy Puddles Lottie doll

Muddy Puddles Lottie has been a big hit

She would let both dolls take it in turns to ride the horse with its gorgeous flowing mane and tail. They have been an absolute hit with her.

Here are my thoughts on the products in more detail:

The packaging

Lottie dolls review

The bright and interesting packaging is just right for engaging little minds

The boxes are all designed around the theme of the individual doll, and pony.

The little illustrations are bright and engaging. The boxes come with carry handles that are just right for children and my daughter immediately grabbed hold of them.

Lottie dolls review

The handy carry handle meant my toddler was playing before the box had even been opened

My favourite part about the packaging is the words on the back of the boxes. These act as little prompts to get the imagination going.

Lottie dolls packaging

The back of the Lottie dolls box

They explain the background of the dolls. The Forest Friends doll’s story is all about how Lottie was reading a book about fairies and so imagined she was in a fairy land.

The box also has a little spot where your child can fill in their name, which makes the doll even more special.

The design

The dolls are crafted to look like children, which makes them far more relatable for little ones. The hair is lovely and soft. One had blonde hair and the other red. It’s nice to see on the website that the range is ethnically diverse too.

I love that the dolls fit perfectly in little hands so they are easy for my daughter to tot all around the house with them.

The arms and legs have a great range of motion. The arms move up and down and around, which really helps with removing the clothes and also for putting Lottie in a wide range of poses. The legs bend at the knees which makes it easier to sit the dolls on the pony.

Lottie doll and pony

Lottie has a ride on Sirius the Welsh Mountain Pony

The dolls seem tough enough to withstand toddler play and have a good range of motion

They have been through quite a lot during my daughter’s play sessions and they seem to be coping with the not-so gentle treatment toddler dish out on their toys.

The head moves left to right too.

The dolls can stand on their own two feet, which opens up a huge world of possibilities for playtime and setting up little scenes with the dolls.

The clothes

The clothes are all removable which makes for hours of entertainment in itself. The shoes slip on and off easily and the clothes are mostly kept on with Velcro, so little fingers can manage it themselves.

Muddy Puddles Lottie is wearing just the type of outfit that my daughter would wear to spend an afternoon stamping in puddles, as you can see her enjoying here!

My little puddle-jumper

She’s obsessed with Peppa Pig, who seems to find a muddy puddle to jump in during every episode. So having a doll, complete with welly boots, to share her puddle play with is brilliant.

Lottie dolls wellies

The yellow wellies are easy to slip on and off

The shoes are quite tiny so you need to keep an eye on where they are or risk losing them in the bottom of the toy chest. But for my daughter this was the bit she loved the most.

The Fairy Friends Lottie wears the sweetest little green and purple dress. The attention to detail here is really special. Lots of different fabrics are used, with the green in a fuzzy, grass-like material and the skirt made with purple petals and tulle skirt.

Lottie dolls Forest Friend

This dress and little gold shoes are perfect for a little fairy

I wish they made a child-sized version so that my daughter could wear it too!

My favourite thing about both the dolls’ clothes is the sweet yellow rain jacket with hood the Muddy Puddles Lottie Doll wears.

It’s got lovely detailing with the little blue wrist cuffs.

Her little matching yellow polka dot wellies with tiny bows on the back were a real hit with my daughter.

The pony

Sirius has lovely flowing mane and tail which are perfect for brushing, plaiting and stroking.

Lottie dolls Sirius the Welsh Mountain Pony

Sirius the Pony in his beautiful box

He comes with a bridle, saddle and bright blue saddle pad, which like the dolls’ clothes is made from lovely material and the finish is beautiful.

My toddler loved putting the dolls in the saddle.

My only criticism would be that it would be nice for the horse to have some kind of movement in his legs.

He stands on all four legs very well, no wobbling, but it might have been good to have legs that bend a little.

Also it’s a little tricky getting the dolls to balance on the saddle and their feet don’t reach the stirrups.


We had so much fun discovering the Lottie range. A lot of care and attention to detail has gone in to creating Lottie and her outfits, as well as the lovely stories behind them.

I love that these two Lottie dolls were all about exploring the great outdoors, because my little one loves being outside so much too.

Most importantly, my toddler adores playing with them. She’s now getting more and more in to imaginative play, so these dolls are just right for the exciting adventures she creates for herself and her toys.

These are toys for children, inspired by children and designed by children. I would thoroughly recommend them for your kids.

The lowdown

Age suitability: 3+

Height: 18cm

Price: Lottie dolls start at £18.99 each

Where to buy: Lottie dolls website 


I’ve teamed up with Lottie to offer a fabulous prize! You will win a prize worth £25 from the Lottie range. Once you have won simply pick out the doll or accessories that you like. You only need to check out the website to see it’s packed with gorgeous products that will appeal to any child.

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Terms & Conditions: The giveaway will close at midnight October 16, 2017. It is open to entries anywhere. The winner will be selected at random via the Rafflecopter App & emailed. The winner has two weeks to claim their prize. If the winner does not reply in that time, a new winner will be selected in their place. Must be 18 or older to enter. One winner will receive a prize worth up to £25 from Lottie. You can choose the items you want when you have been confirmed as the winner. Entering means you agree for your email address to be shared with Lottie and added to their mailing list. Your email address will not be shared with other third parties apart from Lottie. Subject to availability and stock. See full terms & conditions for giveaways here.

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Disclaimer: we were sent the Lottie products free in exchange for an honest review. Opinions are my own. 


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