A reminder for when I lose my mojo

Dear mojo-less me,

Right now you’re stuck in a bit of a rut. You’re alternating between staring at the wall and going through the motions with the kids.

You can’t muster any real enthusiasm for anything and you’re clock watching like mad hoping bedtime is just around the corner.

It’s rare that these moments strike and when they hit, you feel terrible. With two gorgeous little girls to love you should be on top of the world every single day, right?

There’s no good reason for feeling a bit out of sorts today. Maybe you’re fed up because you realised this week marks eights months since you had a proper night’s sleep.

Maybe you’ve read Where’s Spot one too many times in the last two years.

Maybe you’ve just been hit by a touch of Insta-envy because other mums are managing to plan nicer days out, prettier outfits and get their kids to look at the camera simultaneously while smiling.

Whatever the reason, you’ve been hit with a double whammy. Losing your mojo and a big dose of mummy guilt to go with it.

You hate wasting a precious day with your kids feeling like you’re stuck under a rain cloud. It’s not fair on them.

It’s hard to pull yourself out of these funks sometimes. The guilt means you go into a bit of a downward spiral. It’s fine having a mojo-less day when it’s just you, but there are two little people who depend on you now to direct the fun and provide 95 per cent of the day’s entertainment.

You can either let these moments eat you up or you can remember that these moments do not make you a bad mum. You can remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup, so by looking after yourself you are looking after your kids.

It’s very hard to let go. To step back and admit you need help. You’ve always felt like you should do absolutely everything for your kids.

But there’s no harm in asking for help, mojo-less me. In saying that you need a break every now and then.

Your other half and your parents are always happy to step up so you can just go and enjoy yourself, even if it’s just for an hour.

When you’ve lost your mojo, remember it’s the little things that can help you hit the reset button and return to your normal cheerful self.

Remember you could:

  • Take 10 minutes to paint your nails.
  • Let your other half take the kids to see the in-laws while you pop out to the shops.
  • Arrange to have a glass of wine with a friend one evening.
  • Meet a friend at the cinema, or even go on your own for some quiet time.

All these things can help bring you back to you. Even just arranging them for a week’s time can give you something to look forward to and break the downward spiral.

I’m writing this letter to you, mojo-less me, to remind you that these moments do pass and there’s no harm in accepting help. You always enjoy yourself when you do the things you love that are just for you, not for everyone else. And you are always excited to reunite with your kids once you’ve had that refreshing break.

So take the break, let go of that tight hold you have on the reins of your life and just be you again, for a little while at least.




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