6 ways having kids has ruined my body

I have never been one to stress that much about my weight or looks. I’m a size 12 and could do with losing the love handles but I just cannot be bothered with diets. I love my food too much. I’m not a huge fan of my nose but I would never get plastic surgery.

So when I fell pregnant I really didn’t care about the changes to my body. In fact I marvelled at growing a bump and loved wearing clothes that showed it off. Post pregnancy I’ve been really lucky to shed any extra weight pretty quickly, probably because I’m running round like a headless chicken half the time!

However, my pregnancies have left me with permanent changes that frankly took me by surprise and I could happily do without. People love to talk about the “miracle” of bringing a baby into the world and while obviously I agree it’s a wonderful thing, it’s not the word I would use for what’s left of my body. In the weeks immediately after birth I felt like I had been hit by a lorry. This has now been downgraded to feeling like I’ve been for a few spins in a tumble dryer (sleep deprivation doesn’t help). There are several parts of me that I fear will never be the same again.


I’m not pregnant, thank f*** because two is enough for now, but now have a permanent little bulge that just won’t go. Sure I can suck it in a bit but ultimately it’s going nowhere. I had abdominal separation with my second child, where the muscles in your abdomen are stretched apart by the pregnancy and a gap develops. This can lead to pretty bad complications in later life such as back issues. Luckily a few core exercises several times a day solved this problem but alas I think I’m stuck with the tummy bulge for life.

Baby brain is a real thing but even now my youngest is approaching seven months I’m still as forgetful as a goldfish. I go into rooms and immediately forget what I went in there for. I forget my train of thought mid-sentence when attempting a grown-up discussion with my husband. My children have the ability to make this problem even worse by crying and whinging. This type of noise will totally shut my brain down, I’m guessing it’s another one of those “beautiful gifts” of nature that mummies have to live with. I find it hard to understand why nature seemed it a good idea for us to totally shut down all priorities (food, clothing, danger awareness) because a toddler wants another sodding breadstick.

This is an evil one. During pregnancy my hair had never looked better. It had extra volume, I felt like one of those women with amazing hair on shampoo adverts. However a few weeks after giving birth it started to fall out. A lot. It’s been even worse after the second pregnancy. I was losing fistfuls of hair up until just a few weeks ago and I’m still shedding pretty badly now. This is an especially cruel consequence of having a baby, because your hair could not be further from the business end of baby producing.

These days I’m constantly stumbling about in the dark and smashing into furniture as I tend to whichever child has woken up, crawling on the floor for playtime or attempting to lug the ridiculously heavy and bulky double buggy around. As a result my legs are covered in bruises. This is a particular issue in the summer when my legs are out more frequently and people must wonder if I’m being knocked about at home.

I’ve always been pretty pleased with my boobs but after breastfeeding Bubba One they looked like a pair of spaniel’s ears. I’m currently breastfeeding Bubba Two so they’re looked pretty perky again but I know once I’ve stopped they will head straight for my knees.

Lady parts
Downstairs will never be the same again after number two. I had stitches with both children due to second degree tears and things just don’t feel the same no matter how many pelvic floor exercises I do. If I happen to sneeze when I am desperate for the loo a little bit of wee will come out. This is like the final departure of dignity for me. I pooped in front of a stranger when giving birth and now I wet myself in public.

So basically things will never be the same again, like my bank balance and my social life. However I find it helps to laugh at these things rather than stress about them. I can’t change anything about what pregnancy has done to my body and to be honest I wouldn’t want to. Except for my hair, that one is just unfair.

Did you find your body changed a lot post pregnancy? Let me know your stories.


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  • Oh my god the hair loss!! I’m really worried I’m going to go bald, I’ve had a fringe cut in to try and hide all the weird tufty bits around my face. Oh and I’m totally with you on the old pelvic floor issue, it’s not fun at all.xx #bigpinklink

  • Yes, I completely hear you…! My body is wrecked, and I’m definitely not a ‘these are my tiger stripes/badge of honour’ type person, I’m definitely a ‘I much preferred my old body thanks very much’ sort! My stomach is vile, in fact, I’ve just been to my GP about my worsening back pain, and she said she wasn’t surprised about the pain, as she shoved an entire hand into the gap between my stomach muscles…! My boobs also just sit on top of my pregnant looking belly, looking like saggy sacks, it’s a very sad state!! My hair luckily is ok, as did my lady bits, who somehow survived a near 10lb baby intact!!!
    Thanks for joining #bigpinklink!

    • Poor you on the back pain. It’s not fun when you have children to run round after. I found my exercises did work to repair my muscles but they take an annoying amount of time and I kept forgetting to fit them in in the early weeks. Why have we not evolved for pregnancy to be easier on our bodies?? Xx

      • Yes, this is something I often muse about!! I raised concerns about my muscle separation, early on in my postnatal period, and kept being told they were ‘coming together nicely.’ Repeated back injuries and feeling them myself means I’m only just now being taken seriously!!