The nesting instinct can be pretty strong and when it kicks in you can get overwhelmed with ideas for how to make your baby’s room beautiful.

Here are 11 secrets to making a gorgeous room for your new baby:

1. Get creative with colours

You do not have to go for pink for a girl’s room and blue for boys.

Shake things up and research other colours and combinations that capture your imagination.

I love the yellow and grey theme that I have seen used a lot, it’s so clean and yet bright.

I used rainbow colours in my first baby’s bedroom and it meant that there were so many more options for decorating the bedroom.

Even simple white can look absolutely stunning.

2. Think about where your changing table should go

It’s not just about where your changing table looks best in the room, you also need to think about this area practically.

Make sure your changing table is within reach of everything you need, such as wipes, nappies, and changes of clothes.

Changing nappies is a messy business, before, during and after. Babies are also wriggly little things, and they will learn to roll over when you least expect.

Don’t have all the essentials on the other side of the room, so that you are forced to leave your baby unattended or carry them bare-bottomed across the room.

Make sure everything is within arms reach and your nappy changes will be far less stressful.

3. Avoid clutter

You don’t want to have piles of stuff in the way for you to trip over in the middle of the night.

You also don’t want to leave potentially dangerous items within reach of the cot, as before you know it your baby will be standing up and reaching for them.

Keep clutter down to a minimum on shelves and on the floor.

4. Light up the room

When picking out the perfect lampshade and cute little reading light, also think about having a nightlight in the room.

These come in a variety of designs and will be a godsend in the middle of the night when you stumble into the room to soothe your crying baby.

You can get nightlights that fit to the ceiling light, and pop on when the main light is switched off, or you can get plug-in nightlights in various shapes and colours.

5. Personalise the space

One of my favourite items of decor in my eldest daughter’s room is a piece of framed wallpaper which came from my nursery when I was a baby. My mum kept it and had it put in a frame when I was pregnant. It has a beautiful pattern featuring elephants and monkeys.

I love that this is something I could also pass on to her when she has kids of her own.

You could try adding letters to spell out their name on the wall or frame your baby scan pictures.

6. Be safe with bedding

Things such as cot bumpers and other bedding that your baby could potentially get tangled in are not a good idea.

Follow safer sleep advice to give yourself peace of mind. Products such as baby sleeping bags are fab, because they mean no loose bedding and your baby stays cosy all night as they cannot kick their covers off.

The Lullaby Trust has lots of brilliant advice about safe bedding, which you should definitely check out.

7. Keep it simple

A newborn baby does not need all that much in the early months. Try to hold fire on buying elaborate rocking horses, bouncy chairs and big interactive toys for now as they won’t need those just yet.

Have a simple room that makes you feel relaxed when you’re there.

8. Get the right storage

You will be getting all kinds of lovely gifts such as clothes and toys. Try to make sure you have enough storage, which is easily accessible for you, that fits into the space you have without cluttering the room too much.

9. Pick out a comfortable chair

If you have the space then it’s a good idea to find a decent chair to put in one corner.

This can be great for night feeds, if you want to get up and feed your baby without disturbing your other half.

There are lots of nursing chairs, which offer foot stools as well, but if you don’t have space for one of these opt for something simpler.

Cox & Cox has some beautiful options that would look stunning in a nursery.

10. Make it fun

Why not try putting some decals on the walls. They are a fabulous way of livening up a bedroom without having to put up wallpaper.

There are lots of choices that would tie in with any nursery theme. We have a monkey and a giraffe on my eldest daughter’s bedroom wall and the alphabet on my youngest daughter’s nursery wall.

11. Get the cot ready

Most cots will come flat packed. Even if your baby is going to sleep in your room in a Moses basket for the first six months, it’s a good idea to have the cot ready to go.

The reason for this is it’s never too early to get them used to the bed they will be sleeping in eventually.

You could let them take naps in the cot, or let them play in it, so it doesn’t seem scary when they come to move into their own bedroom.

So those are my tips for creating the perfect nursery. How are you decorating your nursery?



11 top tips to preparing the perfect nursery for your baby